Field of Dreams and The Voice

One of my favorite movies is Field of Dreams, in part because it is an original, fun and entertaining movie with
great acting.  But, on a deeper level, Field of Dream inspires me to listen to that same Voice in the film that prompts and guides the main character to go on his own personal odyssey.

I am not sure exactly what the Voice is.  Some names that people might give it is our intuition, hunches or instincts. It may also be described as going with your gut or the more spiritually inclined may refer to it as paying attention to the Voice of the Holy Spirit.

Whatever name you give the Voice, it can be helpful to know that you do have a reliable source of inner intelligence that is capable of directing your life.  Sometimes it can be difficult to trust the Voice because it may be guiding you to take an action that does not appear to have any current practical benefit, like building a baseball diamond in your backyard =), and because sometimes it is hard to understand whether it is legitimate guidance or just some misguided thought.

However, a good question that you can ask yourself to get
specific insights from your intuition is:

1.  “How can I contribute tremendous value to the world?”

You will get answers to this question.  They will often
show up in the form of your desires and passions.  When you
have an idea or a desire that you are passionate about, I
believe this is your Spirit’s way of saying:

“Yes, this is a good idea =). Please pursue it.”