An Interview with Steven Machat

Despite the advancements in technology, wisdom and knowledge, there are some questions which continue to perplex mankind just as they have done for centuries. What is the meaning of life? What happens when we die? How did we get here? Who’s really in control? It is precisely these questions that prompted ‘Renaissance man’ Steven Machat to embark on an epic lifelong quest spanning five decades to find out the truth, the results of which are documented in their entirety for the first time ever in his latest mind-blowing book, ‘We’ve got to get out of this place’.

What is We’ve Got To Get Out Of This Place about?

This book is about the Matrix we live in and are bound to. The Matrix is the energy and gravity that makes what we call our Universe with the Sun and the planets and their moons orbits. Planets go clockwise and the sun goes counter clockwise. These objects generate the physical energy that keep the Matrix in Orbit, and helps keep your consciousness bound until your thoughts, which I call consciousness, without a physical body, are ready to ascend. 

I’ve written ten books, but this one is the third and final instalment of my ‘Book of Earth’ series. For those unfamiliar with this series, I will briefly summarise.

 Book One: Colonization of Earth and the Making of Mankind is where I unravel the Bible. It took me my whole life to unwind these stories which are not widely believed in popular culture; but when fearful we all return to that bipolar God or gods.  

Book Two: Taking Jesus Off the Cross explains the creation of man made Gods, our religions, our kingdoms and our dual governments. I discuss Atlantis through to  the Creation of the Russian Empire, then the Muslim Empire. I also explore the way in which the image of God has been twisted, and a God of love has become a God of control. 

In Book Three: We’ve Got to Get Out Of This Place, I try to explain: 

1) who we are

2) why we are here on earth 

3) your choice of what’s next after this earth life

I share all my beliefs and learnings from my travels here in the lifetime of being Steven Machat. 

I dissect the core beliefs of the Jeudo Christian Islamic Abraham Bible to show all the similarities of the organized imperial religions, and how imperial governments keep us locked in this mindset. 

I share how to ascend out of this Matrix, influenced by my studies of Egyptian mysticism. I share the thoughts of Thoth. The one from Atlantean time not the one who was from the Nefilim. I intermingle this with what I learned from what we call the Native Americans and tribal Africans producing music from their sacred ceremonies and chants. 

I share why Ascendance is so hard, and how you must learn to let go. 

 I give and share a quick review of Metaphysical energies. I explain how we are all from the same supreme being. We are just thoughts that take on gravity. When we have thoughts of wants and needs that we cannot let go and find a matrix to lock us down until we ascend on our journey back to the Supreme Being. 

2.  Can you tell us a little bit about your personal and professional background and how that contributed to you writing this book?

My early career was in the entertainment industry. Through my entertainment lawyer father, Marty Machat, I have met some of the biggest names in the industry; Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Elvis, Sam Cooke, The Rolling Stones, Clyde Otis and Sugar Ray Robinson to name but a few. 

Joining my father to create Machat & Machat, I went on to work with the likes of Genesis, Phil Collins, Phil Spector, Peter Gabriel, Leonard Cohen and the Electric Light Orchestra.  His management company represented Colonel Abrams, Soft Cell, John Waite, Bobby Brown and New Edition.


After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I was forced to assess my rock n’ roll lifestyle, and was quick to realise this fabricated world was not serving me well.  My vision changed, and I realized that life is not to accumulate more money or be the boss of everyone else, but about learning how to share and to live in a society where we all work and live together.

I have mixed my personal quest to answer my five haunting questions of which I set forth to discover the answers, or at least alternative points of views, with my professional life of living and creating-promoting-discovering the arts and the sciences of mankind today, as well as yesterday, for a better tomorrow. 

I have travelled the world and figured out how to live a life looking for the answers as to: 

1) Who are we humans?

2) Is there a difference between me and you?

3) Why are we here in this body form? 

4) Where did we come from? 

 5) Where do we go from here?

Q3. Your book talks about what happens after we die, what did some of your research point to? And, how would you respond to skeptics who do not have belief in the afterlife?

My research was always geared to prove my hypothesis. The hypothesis being we are not our body. Our body is our Earth vehicle that allows us to experience life in physical form on Earth. 

We are a consciousness from the Supreme Being of everything and more. We got caught in the gravitational pull of this Universe that houses planet Earth. Really the Earth Matrix. 

On Earth in this body we become animals. We must survive in a matrix where everyone has to kill and eat other living beings to survive. Even plants have a consciousness and they too as a community in their biological ecosystem decided who survives. 

For us to not understand that plants and all beings are from the supreme being of all then it means we do not understand life at all. We are then pure animals with only the need to eat and excrete and sleep and reproduce with sex not reproduce with eternal love. We lose our awareness that we are just visitors to the planet that is nothing but a Jurassic Park. 

Skeptics who do not believe in an afterlife are not yet at the level to understand this. They see themselves as animals. They see themselves as living in a physical jungle which created a society that allows murder for sport not just to physically survive. 

However, it’s their life, and they can do what they want. In my life I am now a referee, who sits and rings the bell in this Matrix ring of life so that when we do take a breath we can see our behaviour. 

And I must say those who say they believe in a sky god who gives them permission to kill others because of their religion or race as well as creed and color do not believe in the supreme being. They believe in a very dark force. 

Q 4- Based on your personal experiences and research, what do you believe is the meaning in life…And, how would you respond to people are either too concerned with worldly concerns such as accumulating money and power or on the other end of the spectrum people who are too concerned with spiritual concerns and neglect their basic human needs?

The meaning of a personal life is subjective, although we want it to be objective and therefore the same of everyone. 

The Objective meaning for everyone is to go back to the ocean of consciousness. The home of the Supreme Being of everything and more. We as a consciousness called mankind are just a thought of this Supreme Being that wanted to experience personal physical life. Each of us is just a personal thought like a drop of water from the lake called mankind from the ocean called the Supreme Being. The ocean of thoughts and everything else. 

So as individuals we have our own paths to carve out to discover our way out of this Matrix we call Earth.  We must give up our individual wants and needs which is EGO and return to the oneness of the Supreme Being.  EGO is where we Edge God Out and create our own path. 

To those who pursue money and/or power as their life force I say good luck. It is in the end empty and devoid of eternal love. It is truly a rape of your eternal essence where you become a vampire and take all you can and then decide who gets what of what you have as long as they kiss your ring or wash your feet. 

My book Gods Gangsters and Honor shares my experiences making people believe that certain individuals are gods because at a precise moment in time higher energy got them a team to make you believe these few seeking power or glory in the end where the chosen few to rule over you. This lie comes at a cost. 

The game of life is to share. Not own or control. 

To those who seek the spiritual life I only suggest that they continue their path of discovering who they really are. They are not a body but an eternal energy that I call consciousness. Spirituality seekers are those who are ready to become aware that life in the eternal never ends and is nothing but a game of taking your journey on this path. As the cover of this book suggests, to get on the path to get out of this Matrix of Earth where we must kill other lost beings to survive and worship these dark energies we call god, mistaking that dark energy for being the eternal Supreme Being. 

Those dark thought energies I must share are also a consciousness that we give form to and are also looking for their way home. On this journey you must survive and therefore must learn the give and takes of this dark energy planet we call Earth. We are here to discover the eternal bliss of no EGO. No wants or needs. Just the eternal bliss of LOVE. 

I too am navigating this path. We are also just soldiers looking for eternal love. I am honored that at this stage I can share my awareness with whoever is attracted to my energy. 

Q5. Can you talk a little bit about your thoughts on reincarnation and how that can contribute to more meaning?

Reincarnation is what happens to those who can not let go of their EGO which some call Karma. This is fully discovered in Act 17 of this book. Life in this physical form is a game where at some point you throw in your greed or control cards and live your life as one of many. You share the breath of love. You do not horde. 

There are stages of reincarnation (Act 15) as well as stages of ascension. (Act 16) Each stage helps you become lighter and shed your physicality as well as thought skin, so you ascend and fly away as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Or you can remain in this Matrix as a moth. 

Question 6. Have you experienced any serendipity or synchronicity in your life? If so, how and what happened.

My whole life has been filled with serendipity as well as synchronicity living experiences. I am that I have the strength to ride out of all my peaks and valleys of living life in this physical form. Through songs and dances as the path to cultures all over the world I have become aware of life. 

I will share the latest story of serendipity and synchronization in my life. I will give you a “single” short version of Debbie-my wife and I. 

We met in 1964. In Junior High. Just as a fellow classmate. Nothing more. We graduated in 1970. Never thought about her really again. We each had our ups and downs. Debbie had a child named Jesse who had muscular dystrophy. Jesse was born on 8/24/1980. He died 1/28/2003. I had a boy named Barron. Baron was born on 6/25/1987. Barron died in a rock n roll lifestyle accident on 4/08/2015. 

I posted a picture of Barron and I on Facebook on the morning of April 9th, telling the people who seen the news feed as they call in in their metaphysical corporate enterprise that Barron had left the Earth and was now hovering around our planet. 

Debbie saw the post and after never really saying a boo to me nor I to her sent me a private message saying she read the post. Debbie said that if I needed someone to talk with, to let her know. She lost Jesse and so knew how hard it is to deal with that type of loss.  

I thanked Debbie and told her we would be in touch. Debbie and I met and the rest is our mutual history. 

Q7. Have you had any spiritual or mystical experiences? If so, what are some spiritual and/or mystical experiences

Yes. Many. Too many to mention.. 

But the most important was my three day talk with God in Miami. The story is in my book Sacred Knowledge. A Rock N Rollers Guide To Higher Consciousness. 

What happened is I was finally able to see clearly. All the obstacles of fear left me.. I discovered the Supreme Being. And I follow that stream. And yet I still live through music  film as well as my books. I found the balance to live in body as I tried to stay in the higher consciousness.

I found love to last this lifetime and more with Debbie. I still use Kundalini to open my passages. And I thank the spirit Yogananda for getting into my awareness and showing me how to petition the Supreme Being. 

Question 7. How can we find out more about you?

The best place to go is my website, This includes details of all of my ten books, my record label, SSK and the Sacred School of Knowledge, which I founded.