Interview with Viki King on going from surviving to thriving

I recently interviewed Viki King, best selling author and leading consultant to the entertainment industry, as well as an adviser to successful sports figures, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even royalty. Our interview  focused on how to go from surviving to thriving. In this conversation, we addressed very practical issues about surviving versus thriving, such as what to do if you hate your job, are suffering from depression or a past trauma,  and specific steps on how to make more money. We also explored the relationship between empowering ourselves to take care of our basic needs (e.g., sleeping, eating, showering)  and thriving. According to Viki, we all have basic needs that need to be met to help us move from surviving to thriving.

Additionally, we delved into deeper psychological and spiritual questions, such as how our experiences from our past affect our ability to create abundance in the future, what role past lives might play in our current circumstances, how to heal ourselves from our past or any limiting beliefs we might have, and the relationship between our inner world and outer world. According to Viki, we all have certain core wounds we come into the world with and/or experience throughout life. Part of thriving is when we become aware of and overcome our core wounds, no longer have to use our survival tools, and instead get in alignment with our true purpose. When we do this life works, but when we are fighting it or fight what actually is then it becomes difficult to thrive. This is part of the connection between the inner and outer world. People often feel powerless when they are trying to control what is outside oneself or out of alignment with our true purpose in life.

Viki is someone who practices what she preaches. Her home burned down in the Malibu fire and she lost all of her possessions in that home. In our conversation, she shared what that experience was like for her. She also told me how she was able to respond to that situation with peace and openness to starting a new adventure in her life. Honestly, I don’t know if I would be able to respond the same way if my home burned down and I had to move into a completely new home. I probably would have been frustrated at the Universe, bitter, and asked “Why me?”. But, Viki’s open mindset is reflective of the way she has been able to create abundance and thrive in her life. She talks a lot of how we can use our mindset and beliefs to either create abundance or sabotage ourselves, while still being compassionate and mindful of how difficult certain circumstances may be. Additionally, she also provides some very practical and useful information about how counselors, coaches, and therapists can help their clients move from a state of survival to thriving.

Our conversation quite literally is earth shaking.  During the interview there was an actual earthquake near Viki’s home and her room started to shake. I asked her if she was safe and wanted to pause, but she continued to stay present and we kept moving forward with our chat. You can listen to the entire hour long conversation by pressing the play button in the video above. For more information on Viki, you can visit her website at She can be reached by email at .