What if you had the Power to Self-Heal?

  “The same energy that created stars and galaxies lies dormant within your belly.” 

— Yan Ming Li 

 What if you had the Power to Self-Heal?  

 An edited excerpt from the INTRODUCTION of 

Whole Body Prayer: The Life Changing Power of Self-Healing 

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  When Jesus restored sight to the man who’d been blind from birth, they called it a miracle. But a miracle is only a miracle when you don’t know how it’s done. For millennia, the ancient sages of the East have harnessed the life force—known in China as Qi (pronounced “chi”) or in India as Prana—to perform all sorts of feats that Westerners may regard as miraculous, even though in Asia this type of practice is considered a science. 

Scientific breakthroughs that are beyond one’s frame of reference can appear to be miraculous. Imagine introducing Google Maps to Marco Polo (as he travelled the Silk Road to China). Imagine showing a Bic lighter to a caveman. Or, better yet, imagine exposing that caveman to a master Shaolin monk from my homeland who, by harnessing the boundless power of Qi, is able to start that fire with his bare hands. 

It is our job as humans to uncover the hidden mysteries and superpowers we all have within us. The mechanism through which we harness Qi is our own body. Jesus took on human form and performed his “miracles” as a human to show us that these powers are available to us. That was one of Jesus’s most powerful teachings. We are all healers. I am a living example of this. I share my story in the humble hope that it may inspire you to investigate and cultivate the “miracle” power that is within you, too. 

 Whole Body Prayer:  The Life-Changing Power of Self-Healing  is the true story of a Master Healer.  

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 Yan Ming Li is a Master Healer & Author