Interview with Mandi Freger, author of From Exhausted to Energized: The Autism Spectrum Disorder Caregiver’s Guide

Mandi Freger is a professional counselor, consultant, and author of the upcoming book From Exhausted to Energized: The Autism Spectrum Disorder Caregiver’s Guide. Mandi is not your typical counselor.  Being in a rare position of gaining experience early on with the first generation of Energy Psychology leaders in the field, Mandi has over 20 years of experience making her a master in the art of using energy therapeutic techniques with her clients.

Mandi’s counseling approach is truly individualized, typically blending energy therapeutic techniques and principals of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to treat a rainbow of issues including but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) through the lifespan, peak performance, general fatigue, anxiety, depression, trauma, cognitive disorders and managing pain. Her upcoming book From Exhausted to Energized supplies rapid relief tools that are the perfect solution for ASD caregivers! It is the first book to illustrate what hasn’t been talked about – the psychoenergetic dynamics that cause and sustain the emotional, mental, and physical drain on family members and guardians. Freger further provides readers with quick energy psychology tools that address trauma, anxiety, depression, and burnout. In our conversation, Mandi shares with me:

  •  Why traditional stress management strategies for ASD caregivers don’t always work and why her techniques do
  • Specific Energy Psychology breathing techniques caregivers can use to help them manage stress
  • How she combines Energy Psychology and Applied Behavioral Analysis in her counseling and consulting work
  • How to better communicate and understand people who have ASD
  • How she works as a peak performance consultant to help people maintain mind-body wellness and increase performance

For more information on Mandi, you can visit her website at: