Interview with Stephen Chong, author of The Afterlife, a Journey To

Stephen Chong is the author of The Afterlife, a Journey To. ‘The Afterlife’ is a book that takes the reader into and through Heaven’s many levels or portals – a bit like a scenic railway tour. The book is written as a novel. Stephen explains the book was written around the time when horrendous stories were emerging about the abuse of children within religious orders and other institutions. He then wrote a short story (essentially, chapter one of the book) about what happens after death to those complicit in the process of denial and abuse.

One of the principal characters – ‘the Bishop’, upon his death, has to face the consequences of his actions – in this case, his self-righteousness and insouciance to the truth. For the narrator, Athar, his is a journey told from the horrors of abuse by the clergy and his subsequent suicide, that plots his path through heaven with the sword of forgiveness in his right hand and the scepter of love in his left.

In our conversation we talk about the following:

  • What the different levels of Heaven look like in his book
  • How people can continue to grow, evolve, and practice forgiveness in Heaven
  • How children and people with physical disabilities are taken care of in Heaven
  • His beliefs about life after death

Stephen’s ideas about Heaven and the Afterlife helped me increase my faith and hope that my loved ones and myself would be taken care of after death. It also encouraged me to live my life in a way that is more consistent with my Soul Purpose.

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