What IS Sound Healing and How does it work?

By Jill Mattson

I have worked in the field that I feel is best called Sound Healing for over 30 years. I have seen this endeavor grow dramatically in terms of basic understanding, applications and number of participants. I deeply know that we are spiritual beings; composed of matter and energy with a divine aspect. Traditional medicine only works on our “matter” component… on our physical bodies. Sound Healing works on all aspects of our being – physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

To gain a glimpse of what we understand of the subject, we must review some critical scientific breakthroughs. Science has been catching up with our complex human nature, but there is still a way to go. Early in the 20th century, physicists began to unravel a much better understanding of the universe around us. They (Einstein) proved that matter and energy were essentially the same things and the famous equation: E=mc2 is known to all. Reflect a moment on how profound this is: Energy & matter are the same – just different forms or states of everything. To help understand this, consider something not precisely the same, but analogous: ice and liquid water and steam are all different – but also the same thing – WATER. Our universe and our reality are multi-layered, entwined.

Equally amazing, around the same time (early in the 20th century), other physicists formulated quantum physics theory. Some consequences of the quantum state reveal that reality is composed of components with a “wave” and a “particle” nature. This is more evidence of our complex, multidimensional nature – we are particle-like (like minuscule bits of matter) and we are wave-like (frequency). Further, all energy is frequency and also, all matter is frequency. Quantum physics introduced some other amazing concepts – such as the observer is a critical component in the universe – and that distant particles can be entwined and inseparable. When you act on one particle, you instantly impact the other – even at great distances – however, we do not need to go into these. Just ponder … we have proof positive that the universe is far more than meets the eye. So, what does that mean for us?

As I said above, traditional medicine (especially western medicine) works only on your physical body. This is effective when you cut your finger and you need a stitch… however, it neglects tremendous possibilities. Frequency IS energy… when you run your microwave, you use microwave frequencies to interact with the food molecules that you heat. But frequency has vastly more potential. Sound Energy can work on our physical bodies (you can apply sound energy to the body to soothe sore muscles; you can view inside the body with a sonogram; Sound can lower blood pressure) and works on our energetic aspects. We (us in our entirety) are a set of frequencies constantly vibrating, producing critical life support processes (the heart beats with electrical energy; the brain produces brain waves that affect states of consciousness). We need the right frequencies – in the correct quantity – in harmony! Sound Energy can interact with and affect (heal) many body systems… way beyond what you probably suspect. Frequency also affects our mental states and energies (simple examples: remember how music can impact our emotions and our intellect; how powerful can Mozart be … or a scary movie soundtrack).

To repeat: Frequency IS energy. There are nearly infinite frequencies – from very high energy to extremely low energy (X-rays are dangerous; some frequencies are so low energy they are difficult to detect). Frequency (cycles per second) can be extremely “fast” to very “slow”. Spiritual guides have long understood a form of energy called “Subtle” energy that has never been directly detected. According to many: Subtle energy underpins some parts of our Spiritual lives. Sound Energy consists of almost limitless frequencies that offer powerful means of interacting with our world and helping us. I contend that Sound Energy can even reach our Spiritual natures through Sound’s ability to interact with Subtle energy. Amazingly, Ancient Masters knew that certain sounds, music, and notes could affect consciousness and physic ability. They knew that shapes and dimensions (Sacred Geometry) could work with Sound and produce profound results. The main point here: We are much more than physical animals and Sound Energy offers the means to reach us on physical, energetic and spiritual planes.

Jill Mattson