Modern Merlin: Uncover Your Magical Powers

Excerpt Submission

Modern Merlin: Uncover Your Magical Powers

By author Lon

Pay Attention!

We are so used to living in a 3D world focused on all things physical and linear that we easily miss the subtle signs and opportunities that emerge around us. We often don’t even consider all the channels that are open to us in support of reaching our goals. The paradigm we grew up with did not include the belief that we have magic at our core and that we are in constant co-creation with the Divine. And it certainly did not teach us how to use our magic and manifestation power. We have been living in a world based on 3D laws about physical causes and reactions. We don’t realize that we can cause reactions ourselves with our thoughts, words, and feelings.

When the quantum field starts organizing itself around the signal you are sending out, it often expresses very subtle things first. Like the example in chapter 5 about sending out a “red” thought and noticing “red” occurrences around you. Because of the subtle nature of these reactions to your signal, they often seem only indirectly related to your vision…so you don’t always notice. You don’t recognize them as the Universe’s answer to your vision or prayer, as you are looking for the “big” delivery. You do not expect to get to your goal in many subtle, often unpredictable, small steps. Yet, this is how the magic of co-creation with the Universe really works. It’s all one big “soup” of energy—a field of unlimited potential, aka the quantum field—that organizes itself in cycles, patterns, rhythms, and structures under the influence of the energy that you launch into it.

The subtle stuff that the Universe aligns you with could include someone you make a connection with at an event seemingly unrelated to your vision. Because they have nothing to do with your goal you might not recognize the significance of their appearance on your path, but they might turn out to be essential in an introduction to someone else who does have to do with your vision. Or it might be that you feel a sudden urge to go to the beach, even though that was not in your plan for the day. Perhaps, when you get to the beach, you run into the best thing that ever happened to you, which will eventually lead you to your vision.

What we think, where we focus our attention, what we expect, what we believe, and what we say out loud…all of it matters (as in, can become matter, become “real”).

You see, the Universe is much larger than what you and I can see from our limited points of view. Everything is connected, including all the stuff that is outside our direct experience and reality. Your focused attention—your signal—starts pulling things, people, and circumstances to you that have the same vibration as your signal. Perhaps it’s only one small, subtle thing at first, but then, when you become aware of it, you start looking for other signs and synchronicities that align with your vision. The more you do this, the more you focus your attention and thus direct your energy to your vision. You might start believing that it can happen and expecting it to manifest. You might tell your friends how these things are showing up “all of a sudden.” All this has an accelerating effect on what you are attracting.

Tune In

To attract what we really desire, we have to be aware of what we are attracting right now and how we are contributing to that. For this exercise, we are going to focus on one specific area of attraction: people who are not aligned with what we desire. They might be triggering us, bringing up negative feelings or thoughts. They might be blocking us from living in our happy place by making it difficult to maintain our awareness when we are interacting with them. Since we are all mirrors for each other, these triggers show us something about ourselves. We can teach ourselves about ourselves by using these people as mirrors.

  • Close your eyes if that feels good to you. Follow your breath into Perceptual Mode. Focus on one specific person who triggers you or brings up undesired feelings. Be with them for a moment.
  • What don’t you like about them? How did this person come into your life? What is it that triggers you about them? How do you feel when that happens?
  • What impression of yourself do you get when you see yourself reflected in the mirror that this person offers you? For example, perhaps you feel this person is judgmental. How does that reflect on you? Are you perhaps judgmental toward yourself? Are you being judgmental toward yourself for being judgmental toward others? Pay attention to the specifics of what you feel this person judges you for and what you are judging others for.
  • Once you have identified what you are judging yourself or others for, bring your awareness to that quality. For example, you might have a sense of scarcity, competitiveness, or being too positive.
  • Resting in Perceptual Mode, allow that quality to acquire a texture, a feeling, a sound, or an image. Pay attention to your body, any place you feel tightness or a blockage. Allow your sense of this quality into your awareness and simply observe it until you feel it starts moving and changing.
  • Allow it to continue moving, changing, and dissolving until you have open space or a sense of flow. While you are in Perceptual Mode, this will happen automatically when you bring your attention and awareness to whatever is blocking your path and your growth.
  • Bring the person you started with back into your awareness and notice how you feel now. Did your feeling change?
  • When we’re dealing with people we’ve had long and complicated relationships with, we might find we have to do this process several times for energy to move.

Modern Merlin: Uncover Your Magical Powers by Lon is available now online and in stores.

Lon is an internationally acclaimed sacred geometry artist and creator of two bestselling and award-winning oracle decks. As founder of Lon Art, she offers tools for transformation, readings, an online course, and personal soul portraits that connect you to your soul purpose. Lon’s work inspires authentic insights and activates thinking beyond the everyday, so you can make real changes in your life and become the best possible version of yourself. Modern Merlin is her first book and has an associated online course offering a deeper introduction to the concepts and patterns that construct your life. For more information, visit