How to Teach Your Kids the Real Meaning of Christmas

Every year 93% of the American population (or more than 306 million people) celebrate Christmas. This is a time for loving, sharing, accepting one another, and reflecting on the year that has passed. It is also a great opportunity to explore spirituality for children.

However, for a lot of people, the message of Christmas gets lost among expensive gifts and lavish meals. In fact, on average households in America spend $1,536 every year on creating the “perfect Christmas”. This can make teaching your children the true meaning of Christmas very difficult.

Fortunately, making religion for kids accessible will help them to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Want to know more? Then read on to find out our top tips for teaching children about the true meaning of Christmas.

Start With the Story of Christmas

A lot of children will be loosely familiar with the story of the Christmas nativity. However, revisiting this each year helps to reaffirm the values that it represents.

To make this more interesting and interactive for your kids, why not look at different Christmas story Bible verses each year? You can read, reflect on, and discuss these to find the meaning in them together.

Explore the True History of Christmas Gifts

Religion for children can go a long way to helping you explain what Christmas gifts are supposed to represent.

You can also use this opportunity to explore how the role of gifts in Christmas has changed over the years. For example, you might explain that originally Santa Claus’ role was to deliver gifts to children from poorer families.

This can help your children reassess the associations that they have between Christmas and gifts.

Ask Them to Think for Themselves

When teaching your children about Christmas, it’s a good idea to open dialogue rather than lecturing them. This will help to engage them more.

Ask them what they think the meaning of Christmas is and encourage them to justify or explain this. Exploring the ideas they already have and introducing them to new ones will help your children feel empowered as they learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Encourage Actions

When it comes to kindness, compassion, and generosity, actions always speak louder than words. So try to think of some activities that you can do with your children to explore the true meaning of Christmas.

This might include:

  • Finding prayers for kids that they can say for people less fortunate than themselves
  • Donating items to a clothing drive
  • Handing out food parcels or soup in a soup kitchen

This will teach how to put the true meaning of Christmas into action for themselves.

Teach Your Children the True Meaning of Christmas With Religion for Kids

As you can see, when it comes to teaching your children about Christmas, religion for kids can really help. This allows you to explore the generous, giving, and accepting history of Christmas itself. So your children will have a deeper understanding of what they are celebrating.

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