6 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health

We often only talk about our mental health when it begins to suffer. We hit a wall, we stumble and fall, and only then do we consider our daily habits and what we need to be doing to live our best lives. 

Instead of only shining a light on mental health when a crisis arises, let’s try to make a habit of giving our minds a little more love and attention. Take a look at six ways you can look after your mental health every single day. 

1. Move More and Eat Well 

While both exercise and nutrition play a vital role in our physical health, they also contribute to our mental state. After all, a sound body houses a sound mind. By taking care of our physical selves, we will also be taking care of our mental wellbeing.

Do your best to at least walk for 30 minutes every day if you don’t have the time or willpower to engage in another form of exercise. Ensure 80% of your diet consists of foods that are good for you, and don’t beat yourself up about the less healthy 20%.

2. Prioritize Sleep 

Sleep is vital for our mental health, yet we so often sacrifice it for a variety of reasons. Instead of staying up late with whatever excuse, give your mind and body what they need, and go to bed. 

By teaching yourself how to fall asleep faster, you can also ensure you spend less time in bed trying to sleep and more of it actually getting that rest.

3. Do Something You Love 

It could be reading a book, playing a video game, knitting, gardening, or anything else. Whatever it is, make sure you engage in an activity you genuinely enjoy every single day. It can be something as simple as having a really good cup of coffee or enjoying a good dinner – just as long as you have that one point in the day you look forward to. 

Do bear in mind that doing something you love all the time will lead to enjoying it less and less. So, try not to play video games or watch movies all day long – or at least, not all that often. Think of it as a treat rather than the norm.

4. Socialize in Real Life, Not Just Online 

Admittedly, the pandemic has limited our abilities to socialize. However, we still need to make a point of speaking to people in real life rather than just online. If you can’t see your loved ones, at least use the phone instead of a chat app. 

In-person contact is incredibly important, as we humans thrive on the interactions we have with others. Do your best to surround yourself with people who fill you with positive energy and actively seek them out. 

5. Know What Your Stressors Are 

Stress is an inevitable part of life, and there’s no way we will ever be able to avoid it. Instead of spending your energy on that, learn what your stressors are and what you can expect your reaction to be. That way, you’ll be able to prepare for any situation, as you’ll understand what you can expect.

You don’t even need to work on changing your reaction. Simply being prepared for it can help you deal with a situation more easily.

6. Accept That Bad Days Come and Go

We all have bad days, and bad things happen to everyone. Again, there’s no point in trying to avoid them. What you can do instead is accept them for what they are – another passing moment in time. 

When we try to force ourselves to be upbeat and positive all the time, we inadvertently cause harm. However, when we accept that a bad day is just a bad day, we’re able to move on and get through it without dwelling on it. This can, incidentally, make it go by that much faster.

Final Thoughts 

Taking care of your mental health is incredibly important. After all, preventing a breakdown or a meltdown is much easier than dealing with its consequences. Plus, it means you get to enjoy more of your life. So, try to do a little bit every day to have fun and put a smile on your own face. You’ll thank yourself for it.