What Are the 12 Steps of AA?

If you’re beginning your journey towards alcoholic recovery, you may be feeling a mix of emotions. This is normal and part of the process.

Though getting sober isn’t easy, it helps to know you’re not alone. In 2019, 14.5 million people suffered from alcoholism.

But, there are lots of resources to help get you back on track, including Alcoholic Anonymous. The 12 steps of Alcoholic Anonymous are proven to be effective in helping people get sober.

To help you learn more, these are the 12 steps.

1. Honesty 

Honesty is one of the first 12 steps of AA. Most alcoholics are in denial that they’re alcoholics, so the program’s first step is honest about your problem.

To proceed to the program’s next step, you must admit that you are powerless over alcohol.

2. Faith 

The second step of the program is faith. Before anyone else can help you, you must have faith that the program can work.

3. Surrender 

Surrendering is the third step of the program. You must surrender to the program and accept that you can’t do it alone. Surrendering means being able to accept the help of others.

4. Soul Searching 

Soul searching is the fourth step of the journey to sobriety. It means that you must reflect within yourself and identify how your behavior has affected you.

The goal of soul searching is to bring clarity to your problems and how you can overcome them.

5. Integrity 

Integrity involves accepting and admitting your wrongdoings as a result of alcohol. You also must admit these wrongdoings in front of someone else.

6. Acceptance 

Acceptance is a step that offers room to grow. You must accept your wrongdoings in the past and be prepared to let them go.

Acceptance allows you to move on.

7. Humility 

Humility is asking a higher power or authority to help you through your future challenges. Humility is asking for help for things you can’t do on your own.

8. Willingness 

Willingness is a challenging step. It involves making a list of those you have wronged in the past before taking steps toward recovery.

9. Forgiveness 

To achieve forgiveness, you must make amends with those you’ve wronged in the past. Alcoholism destroys families and relationships.

If possible, the ninth step asks you to reach out and make amends with those who you’ve harmed with your alcoholism.

10. Maintenance 

Maintenance involves continually admitting to your wrongdoing and mishaps when they occur. Maintenance keeps you from falling back into old patterns and habits.

11. Making Contact 

For religious folks, making contact means discovering God’s plan for you through prayer and meditation.

If you don’t identify as religious, making contact can mean working towards a better future and figuring out a plan for yourself.

12. Service 

Service is the final step of the 12 steps of AA. It means giving back to others and helping other alcoholics in need.

For further inspiration and ways to help, you can look at these AA slogans and their meaning.

Now You Know the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous 

These are the full 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to help people get sober. The process of getting sober is going to be challenging, but if you’re ready to bring clarity and happiness back to your life, you can do it!

So, don’t make any more excuses. There’s no better time than the present. Start your sobriety journey today!

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