How to Respectfully Share the Love of Christ With Others

Spreading the love of Christ is a beautiful and selfless way of expressing love. Like anything in life, it can be difficult to do if people are resistant. The resistance can stem from many things.

Some people simply aren’t religious, it was never taught to them or part of their daily life. Some people are resistant to new things in general. Whatever the reasoning is, there are many ways to communicate with people who think differently.

Let’s address the most effective ways to spread the love of Jesus Christ.

Do the Work Yourself 

Do as I say not as I do was something many parents told their kids. When it comes to religion this is definitely not the way to go. If the intention is to introduce your loved ones to Jesus Christ, you must embody what you preach.

You must be the example. Be the change you want to see in the world. When people see you reaping the benefits, they will follow. Success leaves clues.

Show Vulnerability 

Nobody likes to speak to someone who thinks they have it all figured out. Life can be messy sometimes and it’s good to show weakness. Expressing vulnerability can lead to connections with people who are experiencing similar emotions.

Explain to people your process and how you came to find and accept the love of Jesus. Meet people at their level and they will be open to connection. This is a wonderful way of overcoming resistance.

Be Generous in Expressing the Love of Christ

Generosity is essential in spreading the love of Jesus. Be generous with your time and attention. Ask questions to see where people are at. Don’t talk at people, talk with people. Allow people to explain their journey to you.

When people feel heard they will be more open to what you have to say. Generosity can also mean giving a gift. Giving Christian gifts and expecting nothing in return is a wonderful way of showing love. People resonate with selfless acts.

Ask God to Keep You Focused on Your Purpose 

With anything in life, roadblocks are inevitable. In the process of spreading the love of Jesus Christ, there are bound to be tough days and difficult conversations. Ask God to keep you driven on your mission to help others through Jesus.

Pray for the strength to persevere and not let the tough days derail you. Pray to stay focused on your purpose and the good days ahead.

Spread the Love

When people discover the love of Christ it is a beautiful and life-changing thing. Encouraging others is something some feel compelled to do. It can be a rewarding endeavor but also a difficult one. Remembering to open up with people and explain your journey is a big part of the process, but an even bigger part is listening without judgment to what they have to say.

Be generous with your time and attention. Direct people to explore sources such as our site to further their education and understanding, or keep exploring our site for more spiritual insight. Maybe one day the people you talk to will be spreading the love of Jesus themselves.