Mothers and Religion: Guide to Teaching Children About God

Did you know that around 70% of Americans identify as Christian?

If religion is important in your family, you might be wondering how other parents accomplish raising godly children. Whether you’re a mom-to-be or you already have a big family, it’s never too late to share your love for Him.

Do you want to know more about teaching children about God? Keep reading for 5 tips that will make you an expert teacher.

1. Talk Together and Share What You Love

Raising religious children is all about nurturing their love for the Christian faith. A great place to start is by sharing what you appreciate most and encouraging open discussions. Kids will have a lot of questions at any age, so they can develop a great relationship with God if they know they can also bond with you.

One beautiful activity you should do together is read from the bible. If you want some inspiration, these bible verses for mothers are excellent conversation starters.

2. Compliment Their Virtues When You Notice Good Behavior

Teaching kids about God can be a lot more impactful if you create lessons out of everyday behaviors. For example, if you notice your child sharing with others, you can compliment them and discuss how that’s something Jesus would do. Not only will they get more opportunities to learn about religion, but you can also boost their self-esteem by giving praise.

3. Get Involved in the Community

Being involved in a wholesome community is one of the best parts of religion because we can connect with others who share our morals. There are many ways you can get your child involved in your community. Going to church and participating in community service events can show your child the wonderful ways that religion brings people together.

4. Be a Good Role Model

As the popular saying goes, “Monkey see, monkey do.” If you want your child to have a strong relationship with God, then you should be their role model and show them how to adopt a Christian lifestyle. This could involve praying before meals, always being kind to others, going to church, watching virtuous entertainment together, and so much more.

5. Consider Religious Schools

If you feel like you need some help teaching the words of God, then religious schools can be a safe and fun environment. Whether you look into Christian preschools or universities, there are numerous schools out there for children and young adults. When you ask your kid how their day at school was, you’re guaranteed to have an enriching conversation about what they learned.

Now You’re Ready to Start Teaching Children About God

Teaching children about God is a beautiful experience that can help you bond over your lifetime. By following this guide, you can ensure that your kids have a close relationship with Him from a young age.

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