Coming to Understand the Christian Faith

Statistics show that the number of people who identify themselves as Christians is on the decline in the United States. Within the last decade alone, the percentage of American Christians went down from 77 percent to 65 percent.

However, there are plenty of people who find comfort treading down the path to Christianity, and the religion sees new converts every day.

This article outlines the various elements of the Christian faith for anyone looking to learn more about what Christianity is all about.

Let’s get started!

What Is Christian Faith?

The experience of being a Christian is made up of various elements. One of these elements, and arguably the most important, is the Christian faith – which serves as the foundation for the rest.

The other elements of Christianity include the Christian communion, resources or the Christian book, the Christian practice, and Christian expectations. You can learn more about the bible and these other elements by talking to your local pastor or doing your own research through theology and Christianity blogs.

The Faith in Jesus Christ

The most fundamental aspect of the Christian faith is the faith in Jesus Christ. There are mainly, three things affirmed through Christianity.

For one, there is the belief that Jesus is God. For another, there is the belief that Jesus is the savior. And finally, there is the belief that Jesus is the Lord.

Jesus is the center of all worship in Christianity. This is one of the fundamental teachings from the Bible, as well. Jesus is the one who saves. There is no mountain too tall or valley too deep when Jesus is with you.

The Apostolic Faith

Another important aspect of the Christian faith is the very nature and essence of it. The nature of Christianity is such that it is apostolic, and not personal. You do not have faith, rather you hold it.

The faith already exists, and you must hold on to this faith of the apostles, and believe the very things they did.

The Faith as a Gift

Finally, faith is not something you create yourself, rather it is both, a gift and a command from God.

If faith is what you seek, then by the Christian belief, you must seek, ask and knock on the door of the Lord. The faith will be given to you when you need it.

Once you want it, it is a command that you seek to obey. Once you receive it, it is a gift.

Embracing Your Path to Spirituality

There is a lot more to the Christian faith, however, learning about makes up the path of your spiritual journey. The more you want to learn, the more you will learn. For now, know that Christianity is simply defined by the love and belief in Jesus Christ as the God and savior.

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