Should You Seek Guidance From a Psychic?

By Vincent Genna, MSW, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher

Since the beginning of civilization on our planet, people have sought guidance and direction from soothsayers, mystics, and profits. In ancient Greece, people went to oracles to ask for messages from beyond and the gods to help with their decisions. Even the rulers then depended on the advice from those who could see beyond the physical world. The Old Testament is filled with the stories about the early prophets and how they led the people in the way God wanted. It was even the prophets who chose and then guided the early kings of Israel.

Back then there was an admitted innate understanding people were capable of tapping into something beyond this physical realm and into the Divine world, where all answers resided. As civilization progressed and religious leaders did not like the claim that others could see into the mind of God and they couldn’t, “fortune tellers” began to be labeled as followers of Satan; thus they were tortured to death and their work was discredited and deemed evil. 

Without intention, the advent of the field of psychiatry helped to give credence back to those who claimed to have “psychic “ ability. It was Carl Jung, protégé of Sigmund Freud, who developed the concepts of the “Collective Unconscious” or “Mind of God” and archetypes that led way to a psychic’s tarot card deck of divination. It was Jung’s theories that validated that we are all connected to a common collection of information of all humankind. From there, it was easy to conclude that some gifted individuals could connect to that source clearer than others. So people went back to seeking guidance from psychics. And this is the primary reason to do so.

Though we are all connected to that same collective unconscious mind, and we all receive intuitive guidance and answers from that source on a daily basis, we don’t always listen. Intuition is our greatest gift. It is natural and the only force that guides all living creatures, but it is even more powerful and influential in humans. It is what inspires us in all we do and how we know the difference between right and wrong. Intuition is another way to describe psychic insight. So everyone has the capacity to obtain psychic answers to all their questions, even questions about what is to come in their futures. However, the stressors of life and emotions created from them block or confound one’s inner guidance. Wanting clarity about their lives is the desire of all people. Having been a psychotherapist as well, a person came to me to help clear up their emotions and mental state of mind and to help them cope with life. As a psychic, people come to me for clarity and deeper understanding so they can create better lives.

You know how you might turn to your mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend, minister, or anyone for some guidance, “Mom, I met this guy and I was wondering if you thought he would be a good match for me.” “Hey dad, I have an opportunity to take one of two jobs that were offered to me. What do you think I should do?” Well, in actuality, you might receive some good direction from any of those sources. However, guidance from others may not always be objective or without judgment. Going to a reputable and good psychic can give you that objectivity, as well as insight as to what the future can hold with each choice you make. Besides, a great and Divinely guided psychic will always make you feel empowered and help you clear those blockages that are keeping you from hearing and trusting your own inner voice.

There are five major areas of life that are most important to all people. Derivatives will fall under one of these. They are relationships, vocation, health, time, and finance. All people want to know about, have issues with, or lack complete insight to one or all of these areas of their lives. A psychic will focus and obtain that insight in all these areas and certainly tell you what you need to hear. Be aware always, that since our futures are completely guided by the choices we make, the future can change from moment to moment. That is the main reason why some of the predictions a psychic makes don’t come to pass. Just hearing about the future can change it. Many people fear going to a psychic because they fear hearing about their futures. Like I just said, you can change your future. A good psychic will never see anything about your future that cannot help you. I only see that which a person can control. 

We all thrive from validation! We want it from our friends, our parents, our partners. It is so important to us, relationships will break apart because of the lack of it. Going to a psychic can validate what you are already feeling within you about any area of your life. Some of the greatest readings with clients I have experienced is when a total stranger and client walks away saying, “I knew I was making the right decision!” It reinforces within the client that he or she can trust his or her own insight and guidance.

Empowerment is the primary reason for going to a psychic for a reading. Remember this, a psychic is not making up guidance. He or she is going to the library and records about you. The psychic is hearing from your guides and your soul, all of who have your best interests at heart. The psychic is hearing their messages and inspirations you already have and need, but just require some help to bypass your subconscious mind’s filtration system to hear. A psychic see about you what you cannot see about yourself. Yes, he or she can see the weakness within you, be a psychic also sees your strengths, abilities, talents, and most of all, purpose! Walking away from a reading with clarity, guidance, and validation empowers people to pursue the lives they want and fulfill the dreams they desire and deserve! 

Do not persistently visit psychics for answers because this will keep you from learning how to trust your own inner voice. There is nothing more disempowering than to constantly turn to others for answers. Ralph Waldo Emerson, famous Philosopher, wrote an essay called, “Self-Reliance,” and in it he stresses the need for people to learn how to rely on their own inner voices, even if they are wrong. He professed that failing because of listening to your own thoughts is always better than failing from listening to someone else’s. In that way, Emerson claims, you will grow to hear and trust that insight we are all connected to. Go to a psychic when you feel blocked, uncertain, confused, baffled, over emotional, or wanting clarity, insight or hope, or even just validation. These are all perfect reasons for seeking greater guidance from someone who can see that which may be cloudy for you to see. Don’t go for constant attention or reassurance. The former reasons put control of you life in your hands. The latter puts control in the psychic’s hands.

There are many things you can experience during a reading with a psychic. One of the first is awe! Usually in any reading, a psychic is going to pinpoint and share things about you and your life that a stranger could never know, things about your past and present. No matter how many times people may go to psychics, it never ceases to mystify them how psychics can seem to pull out of thin air specific details that not even anyone except the clients know. Obviously, there is no exclusive benefit for a client to hear what he or she already knows. However, it is the most important part of a reading because it allows both the client and psychic to know the psychic has made a clear connection. From there, the messages being shared will seem more credible and valid.

One can also expect a reading to be emotional. Psychics see mostly everything from a person’s past, including those incidents that caused immeasurable pain and hardship. Hearing them again can strike the scars created from them. This is normal and healing. To the degree of negative response a client has revisiting the memory is the degree the client still needs to heal from it. Do not be afraid to revisit those pains because feeling is healing! All disease and illness come from unresolved and suppressed and repressed negative feelings! That is why psychic readings can literally be healing.

Expect many “Ah-Ha” moments. Psychic will answer those questions that have always been baffling you about yourself. They see the answers to the “Whys” you have been holding onto all your life—why you can never get the job you want; want you always seem to choose the wrong partner; why you struggle financially; why you can’t break those harmful habits; and even why you can’t seem to find a passion or purpose. Now, a psychotherapist can do that too, but usually after twelve years! A psychic can see those answers in one hour. Clients leave my readings feeling they just had twelve years of therapy!

One of the most important things you can expect to experience in a good psychic session is you will inevitably hear what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. This is especially important to understand. We as beings don’t always like to hear what we need to hear. In fact, we hate it so much it causes fights, depressions, and all sorts of knee-jerk reactions. Many people go to a psychic because they want to believe something and want total validation that their beliefs are true, like I said before, even if they are false. Humans have a hard time believing in and accepting the truth so much of the time. Sometimes, I have to spend a lot of time bursting people’s bubbles and breaking down their defense mechanisms before I can really help them.

Finally, as emotional as a really good psychic reading can be, expect to leave feeling hopeful that you now know things will be better in your life. You can also feel confident that you were on the right path or at least close to it. Clear-mindedness can be a definite exiting feeling, knowing you just got the answers you needed. The information you receive from a psychic should resonate somehow with you, as if the answers were always there, which they were. They just had to be awakened. And most of all, you can expect to feel empowered—that you have the capacity to accomplish what you want. With the information you take away from a psychic reading, you should feel enabled and more informed about the routes to take and choices to make. 

If you feel anything less than what I have listed, or even worse than before you had the reading, there are two possibilities of those results. The obvious one is that you went to a bad psychic. There are charlatans and bad practitioners in all fields, so there are the same in the metaphysical realm, as well. However, the other more popular reason for a bad experience is that you could not accept the messages you needed to hear. You were not ready to hear them, even if you thought you were. Defense mechanisms can be real strong. This is not the fault of the psychic, then. It is your responsibility to know whether you are open and ready enough to hear things that may hurt or make you feel uncomfortable. Remember, a psychic can see everything! Nothing is hidden in that storehouse of information about you. Hey, I never liked going to dentists because of the discomfort or pain they can cause. However, I know that sometimes I will need to experience that pain to be healed of what can be wrong.

In conclusion, if you expect to have a profound, enlightening, fun, and powerful experience with a psychic reading, you will. If you go skeptical or fearfully, you can expect minimal benefits. Remember how it was when you went to school. On the days you were looking forward to it, you had more of a chance to gain and grow and learn. On the days you weren’t feeling well or were in a bad mood, class was miserable. The experience should be rewarding in some way because you have the chance to obtain the clarity and guidance you wanted so you can continue to believe in yourself and your life. Psychic experiences can feel like holy experiences because a psychic can see the depth, beauty, and Divinity of who you are, and most of the time, better than you can see that yourself!