Interview with Dr. Mandy Simon on overcoming fears, building resilience, and Finding Your Holy Grail

Dr. Mandy Simon is a clinician, medical researcher, educator, entrepreneur and host of Finding Your Holy Grail Radio Show and Online Video Series. She has more than 23-years of experience in healthcare, education and personal/organizational development. Dr. Simon’s formal training is as a cardiovascular disease researcher, a nurse practitioner, and a professor.

During the pandemic, she worked as a clinician at Massachusetts General Hospital on the frontlines treating patients who had COVID-19. While she was not working, she spent her time isolating in a hotel working on her Finding Your Holy Grail video series. As an entrepreneur and podcast host, she is advancing work to support individuals build resilience to live fearless in a post-pandemic world. She also has a private coaching business to serve individuals seeking to achieve breakthrough with subconscious beliefs which create obstacles to living one’s own truth.

Her groundbreaking free video series “Finding Your Holy Grail,” features interviews from the likes of bestselling author and spiritual teacher Dr. Joe Vitale, and co-founder/CEO of Happier, Nataly Kogan. Dr. Simon developed the series to help people begin to make sense of and navigate through a new world suddenly locked-down with sickness and suffering. While working as a front-lines clinician helping to stem the tide of COVID-19, Simon spoke with over 20 of the world’s leading wellness and spiritual experts on a variety of wellness topics. Anyone may sign up to receive the daily interviews via email.

She is currently creating a follow up series. If you would like to participate as featured speaker or sign up to receive the free video interviews, please visit Her video series will help you live joyfully in times of uncertainty while improving your own life and helping others, build resilience, and overcome your fears and limiting subconscious beliefs.

I recently interviewed Dr. Simon for Spiritual Media Blog. Our interview covers the following topics:

  • What helped her have no anxiety while working on the frontlines treating COVID patients
  • How you can overcome your fears and build resilience
  • Practical advice for creating a meaningful career and vision for your life
  • A discussion on why the world needs to hear your story and having the courage to use your voice to share it
  • A personal anecdote about how she left her home at age 15 to follow what she knew was right for her