Top 5 Uses of Pemf Devices 

A person who has held two magnets together in his hand and tried to force them each other has understood the existence of some force between them. This force is felt as a result of the magnetic field produced by a static magnet and is known as static magnetic field.

 A varying magnetic field will generate an electric field. This is the basis of many motors, generators and pemf devices. In a similar manner a varying electric field naturally generates a magnetic field too. As this magnetic field is the product of an electric field it is also known as electromagnetic field. The pemf devices make use of electromagnetic fields for bringing out some benefits to their users. .

A magnetic field can affect other charged particles in the area of the field. This is the fundamental principle behind the use of pemf devices for therapeutic purposes. Human bodies are electric in nature. Each heartbeat is generating electromagnetic waves in the blood vessels and is stimulating various tissues. Normal magnetic field in our body interacts with external magnetic fields if our body is brought within its permeable area. So if a magnetic field passes throughout the body it will have some effects on about 70 trillion cells in our body. Therefore it is clear that magnetic fields can act in a fundamental and basic manner on all human as well as animal cells. Even plant cells are also affected by magnetic fields.

Now let us examine some important areas of our everyday life where pemf devices have been found to be of great use.

  • Increased circulation

One of the important functions of pemf devices related to the human body is the increase in blood circulation. When a red blood cell is injured or gets ill, it is not able to hold its ideal charge. This makes the blood vessels inactive making the circulation slower. When pemf devices are brought near to that part of the body, the faulty blood vessels get charged. This makes these cells repel each other and keep them separate from other cells near it. The magnetic field from pemf devices increases the chemicals in these vessel walls and causes the blood cells to dilate and allow more blood to flow. This helps more oxygen to get delivered to the tissues.

Poor blood circulation can lead to an unhealthy body which is prone to diseases and breakdowns. Increased blood circulation helps the cells to get the much needed oxygen and nutrition. It also helps to expel the waste produced by them. The result of all this is the removal of bruises and the reduction of swelling. 

  • Enhanced muscle function

Myosin phosphorylation is a process used to produce muscle energy needed for the muscles to do their work.  Myosin is the muscle and phosphorylation is the energy (ATP) production. Optimal energy helps muscles to work longer and harder. It also helps muscles to recover fastly from work. Muscles that are in a contracted condition are able to relax better. This reduces pain as well as tension caused by spasm. 

  • Decreased inflammation

Inflammation is produced as a result of a series of physiologic processes taken by our body to repair the damages caused to the tissues. For this the flow of blood to the damaged area is increased. This increases the number of inflammatory cells.  Though inflammation is a beneficial and necessary process, as it continues for a longer time than necessary it leads to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is often accompanied by chronic pain. It has been found that the pemf devices can be effectively used to reduce inflammation. 

  • Stress reduction

Stress is natural in human life. Normal stress is known as eustress and it is needed for survival. Too much stress can lead to faster aging. As stress is behind 65 % of our illnesses, it is essential to take necessary steps to reduce the extra stress on a daily basis. Using pemf devices daily can help a person to wash away the negative effects that are produced by natural stress on our bodies.

  • Bone healing

Magnetic fields can pass through the human body and even through the bones in it. The pemf devices can be helpful in repairing the damages caused to bones to surgery, disease, injury etc. It has been found that it also helps the bone generation that occurs with osteopenia, osteoporosis etc.