Meaning of snakes in dreams

Dreaming About Snakes? 7 Things It Could Mean

Some people believe that dreams can predict the future. While that is hardly likely, dreams are much more than what happens when we’re asleep. They can be indicators of the feelings we are hiding while we’re awake or the feelings that are burdening us. 

Snake dreams are very common, but when trying to demystify yours, it’s important to understand that all dreams are very personal. Don’t fall into the trap of accepting a universal interpretation, but instead, try to connect your dream with your personal life and personality. 

In the following article, we’ll provide you with a few potential meanings behind snake dreams, and you should try to find a personal connection.

Coming from Reality

We often dream of things that we’ve seen or that have happened to us. If you have seen a snake in your real life, it could be that you are so affected by what you saw that you carry it with you into your sleep. If the snake bit you or scarred you somehow while you were awake, the dream could be even scarier. A similar reaction can happen if you have seen a movie or a TV show depicting snakes.

Symbolizing a Toxic Person

Nightmares with snakes happen all the time, but when they are particularly vivid, they can turn into fever dreams when your body temperature rises above normal levels. This often happens when we perceive the snake as an immediate threat. The snake may have come into your dream to tell you that the behavior of a certain person in your proximity has become too toxic to bear. You should take this message seriously and face this problem in reality.

Feeling Constricted

Even the species of the snake can have a specific meaning. If you are dreaming of a boa constrictor, this could mean that a certain person, situation, or even you yourself, is stopping you from doing something you love or causing you to feel constricted. This interpretation is obviously connected to the way boa squeezes and suffocates its prey to death. It could also symbolize financial problems cornering you.

Health Issues

Dreaming of a snake, especially if the snake bit you, can mean that you’re facing a health issue or that you are going through some emotional problems. If the snake has bitten a loved one, he or she can experience a health problem. Multiple snakes may mean that a health problem has many different aspects to it or it could appear as an unsolvable issue.

Change or Transformation

Dreaming of a snake can also leave a positive feeling. If that’s the case, you may be going through a transformation, like a snake shedding its skin. The meaning behind the dream could be self-growth, wisdom, and knowledge. However, in your dream, you could be fighting a snake. This could symbolize resisting changes and trying not to be challenged.


Toxicity and negativity are not the features known only to the people around you. You could also be the one having negative and even venomous thoughts toward someone. If there is a dream scenario in which the snake has bitten your enemy or someone you dislike, this can mean that you want to hurt someone. It can also symbolize the feeling of guilt if you have unintentionally caused pain to someone you love.


Dreaming of snakes amid the COVID-19 pandemic is not unusual. Since the snake bite can be venomous and unexpected, it’s easy to associate it with the possibility of coronavirus infection. In fact, many people have experienced such dreams lately because of the constant threat of the virus.

Final Word

As we’ve mentioned, these are merely assumptions and possible interpretations. They can help you assess the issues tormenting you and deal with them in reality. Over to you now!