Becoming a Warrior of Love

By Amoda Maa, author of Falling Open in a World Falling Apart (Larson Publications 2020)

As old world structures crumble, the possibility of a new world dawns on us. A world in which authenticity, transparency, and respect are the ground from which we live. This new world starts within — it’s an inner revolution, a 360 degree turnaround of consciousness in which we meet ourselves, each other, and the life we live from an internal landscape that is free of ego’s grip. 

But in order to be free of ego, we are required to face the fear that drives the panic of our minds and poisons the blood in our veins. And this is the task of a warrior — one who can stand as openness in the midst of darkness, one who can walk as presence in  the midst of devastation. Is this too much to ask of ourselves, is this beyond our reach as ordinary human beings? No. It is nothing more and nothing less than the harnessing of our birthright of freedom and our true sovereignty of love. 

So why does it seem such an insurmountable task — to see things from the infinity of the heart and not from the myopia of the ego, to meet life with a smile in all circumstances and not with a clenched fist, to stay true to the depth of our innermost and not flap about on the surface? The answer is single-pointed — because we have been trained for millennia to look the wrong way, to give our allegiance to an external authority, and we’ve become so entrapped in the matrix of religious, social, cultural, political, and moral beliefs handed down over the ages that we cannot see the world any other way.  

And now it is all falling apart, the weight of the matrix is unsustainable — something needs to break, to break open and reveal the raw truth of what lies beneath the rubble of erroneous thinking. Here is the grandest opportunity to see that fear is nothing but a fabrication of a mind that gallops into an imaginary future, to come face to face with the startling realization that the ego cannot rest in the brightness of this present moment, to perhaps finally fall into the great unknown and just hang out there for a while without coming to a conclusion.

To turn allegiance away from the mirage of fear is a mark of the warrior — there is no attempt to destroy fear, for there actually is no enemy. Fear is just a ghost, an ephemeral thought spun around so many times that it becomes an energetic mass held in the physical and auric field. And all you are required to do is turn away, to give it no more power of your attention — and it will shrivel up and disappear into the emptiness from which it came, just like a dark cloud dissolving into the vast openness of the sky. 

A warrior of the heart does not need to fight, does not need to be the victor, does not need to win the war — because all need to uphold oneself as the “strong one” or the “powerful one” or the “hero” simply perpetuates the prison of ego. And the hallmark of a warrior is freedom — the freedom of being unattached to outcome, the freedom to be untethered from identity, the freedom to be informed by a deeper intelligence than thought. 

A warrior stands in the light of being, always. The light of being is the open awareness that is a constant throughout all risings and fallings of thought, all risings and fallings of emotion, and all risings and fallings of empires. In this open awareness, love reveals itself as the true foundation of who we are. And from this love, right action arises.

Can we train to be this warrior? Yes. The training is a gradual turning of allegiance towards the presence that is deeper than any narrative or thought, a gradual erosion of ego-self that allows us to fall open into the light of being, a gradual emergence of our true inner sovereignty. 

Can we wait to be this warrior? No. The time is now, as we stand at this potent threshold, as we face the bifurcation point within ourselves, as we hold the inevitability  of humanity’s evolution in our hands. 

Yes, the time is now.