Interview with Grace Pearl, author of Beyond the Stars: My Seven Year Journey with Elvis Presley

1. What is BEYOND THE STARS about and why did you write it?

BEYOND THE STARS relates my seven year journey, my relationship and my experiences with the Entity Elvis Presley – an out-of-this-world adventure I could never have imagined possible. The book is mainly about the true reality of life and the true reality of love. Elvis gives also much information and explanations about life on Earth as well as in other dimensions, about the Entities’ relation to us and our relation to them and how it works between their dimension and ours. 

I would not have dreamed of recounting this journey in a book. When, one day, the idea of telling my story occurred to me, I quickly pushed aside the awkward thought. It came back to mind a few more times. I pushed it aside again. Still, it brought to mind all the important things that I had learned, day after day, throughout my journey. I had discovered so much about our spiritual reality and what it means to live it. 

I came to realize that reading such a story would have fascinated me and that others might be just as captivated by finding out more about our spiritual reality and the intriguing parallel world, which is our future home. Would it not be selfish to keep to myself all the knowledge conveyed to me and not share the joy and excitement of my extraordinary adventures and the lessons I learned? 

However, I wasn’t interested in talking about myself, and I wasn’t sure that I was ready to expose my private life. But Elvis had seen to it. He had required that I remain anonymous and use a pen name. It was actually a blessing for the book. It gave me the freedom of telling openly, as it happened and as I lived it, my journey, my relationship and my experiences with Elvis Presley. It liberated me from caring about what others might think of me, from weighing my words or hiding my weaknesses. 

2. What did you learn about Elvis that you found thought-provoking or inspiring?

From the dimension where He continues his life, Elvis conveys to us in the book so many inspiring messages to help us lead a happy, easy life through expressing our talents and passions. 

I found most inspiring his insistence throughout the journey on the vital importance of love and feelings, like in these sayings: 

“We will have a great experience together, which will show others the importance of reaching a permanent state of love on Earth in order to bring about the changes we need for a better world. I will talk to you again soon. We will have lots of laughs. Take care and go on without fear.”

“We feel for you and we want to help you understand the purpose of life on Earth and the role of your Soul in everyday life. We need you to know that you humans need to change and care for one another.”

“Expressing what you feel inside yourself, letting it guide you and sharing it with others is life itself, and only love will change humanity.”

“If you could only love yourself as we love you and have as much faith in yourself as we have in you!”

3. What did you learn about Elvis’s drug abuse that was helpful?

In his first communication with me, Elvis made a stunning revelation about what had led him to drug addiction in his last life. Here is a short excerpt: “I didn’t know that loving oneself comes first and I left that life without knowing that basic fact. Learning to love myself would not have stopped me or prevented me from being as generous as I was and sharing my fortune. Love was primary in my life, and I would have done the same things. But if I had loved myself first, I would have been a much healthier person in mind and in body. The disappointments and frustration caused by others didn’t lead me to drug addiction, my dependence on their love did. If I had loved myself, they would not have existed to that extent. The truth is, because of my dependence on the love of others, I was the one who let myself be used, hurt, and manipulated.”

4. Why do you think Elvis chose you, of all people, to communicate with?

Elvis details in the book the different reasons for that choice. One is related to the fact that I have been on a spiritual quest for thirty years: “We chose you because of the type of medium you are and because of your knowledge of spirituality. You are a person of resonance as I was. You channel consciously (awake), which was required for the experience with me.”  

Other reasons are related to some of my personality traits. And to the fact that my perceptions of him could not be altered by already set impressions of him, as I hardly knew anything about Elvis Presley. I only knew what everyone else knew: Elvis was the King of rock and roll, acclaimed all over the world and died young, either from a heart attack or drug abuse.

5. How would you respond to skeptics who don’t believe you or your

Today, many more individuals are eager to understand themselves and look for a reason to live. Many are opening themselves up to their spiritual reality. And possibly even more in these uncertain and troubled times. BEYOND THE STARS is aimed at searchers who ever they are. 

Elvis’ Soul left Earth with the consciousness of Elvis Presley. He kept his personality and talents, but He is free of the difficulties, sorrows and pain of human life. He was a simple man in his last life. So, He explain things in simple language, even to newcomers to the world of spirituality. 

In regard to skeptics, I just hope that the ones among them who love Elvis might be curious enough to want to know what Elvis has to say about life and love now that, as an Entity, He has all knowledge and wisdom.

6. What did you learn about yourself throughout all of this?

Needless to say, the journey was a life-changing experience. Already in the first months of sessions with Elvis, I was writing pages and pages in my diary about what He was making me discover about myself and what I was learning through the different experiences He was making me live. The book describes what each experience made me understand about myself. For example, I already knew that I had a great capacity to feel but a strong mental control. I learned by practice in those experiences how to develop the first one and reduce the second one. 

I might emphasize the fact that being in close and regular contact with Elvis during all those years made me experience that the metaphysical world isn’t as distant as we may think – as long as we’re open to it. The experience has nothing to do with religion; it is about the infinite possibilities of our psychic potential, which we are unaware of, and about our connection with the parallel world closest to ours.

7. Did you experience any serendipity or synchronicity throughout all of this?

My whole journey with Elvis is a story of synchronicity and serendipity. An amazing sequence of events, which happened to me in the course of a year, led me to be in direct contact with him. They happened so unexpectedly that I lived each of them somewhat naturally. I hadn’t done anything to make them happen, they just did. I lived them for what they were without understanding why. 

As a medium, I had previously worked with other Entities but they had not revealed their identity to me. I already knew that, in general, Entities provide very little information about themselves and don’t reveal their identity to the mediums with whom they communicate. They usually choose a symbolic name or ask the medium to give them a name of his or her choice that illustrates what they represent to that medium. Whenever a well-known Entity discloses its identity, which is rare, it is always for a specific spiritual goal.

Nevertheless, I was dreaming of communicating with an Entity I could associate with a person who had lived on Earth. I never expected my dream to come true and certainly not with Elvis Presley among all Entities from that dimension! When He communicated with me for the first time I was overwhelmed to say the least. Then, every session was a new adventure: a conversation and/or an experience. It seemed so unreal that it took me months to believe it and finally, to accept the relationship with the Entity Elvis Presley as part of my life. 

I knew that He was pursuing a spiritual goal. Naively, I just thought that receiving invaluable spiritual guidance from such a loving and caring Entity was an exceptional privilege. How could I have ever imagined that I would live a seven year journey with him and relate it in a book?  


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    There is so much fact that he faked his death and is still alive in hiding. He would be 85. After checking out what you are talking about he did passaway but what about the fake body in the coffin. Please explain

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