Seven Ways to Make Your Spiritual Guidance Room

There has been enough stress, noise, and confusion in this year to fill how much people used to endure in their entire lifetimes.  Because of this, a turn towards spiritualism is an incredibly logical choice.  Looking to outside forces to help guide us through stress, and find peace within ourselves, is a healing and cathartic thing to do.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t already have space in our home to devote to this time.  We try to grab moments when we’re in bed, sitting on the couch, or cooking- but it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

Having a room specifically for your spiritual guidance can be a game-changer.

If you’re unsure where to start creating this space, here are some simple tips to help you get started on the right path.

Make A One-Use Space

You deserve space that’s solely there for you to focus on yourself.  Whether that means you have to empty an office closet or transform a guest room- work to find an area where this is your primary focus.  This step might be a struggle for some people.  Whether you’re having trouble with the idea of investing so much time and energy into something that’s purely for you, or if you have doubts that it’ll give you what you need from it- push those aside.  You deserve a space for your spiritual development; you owe yourself an area to lose yourself in this work.  Don’t double this area as an office space, and don’t try to make your bedroom into your spiritual guidance room.  You have to make it one-purpose to let your mind switch focus every time you enter this space.

Decor That Speaks To You

A spiritual guidance room doesn’t have to be empty walls and just a chair.  Instead, the decor is a chance for you to explore things that inspire you.  You could put up scenic paintings, or even photos of your family and loved ones.  Make the space one you’ll feel incredibly comfortable in; this will make coming back often easier.

Furniture That’s Comforting

You don’t want to be so comfortable you start falling asleep, but you want to ensure your body is comfortable enough that you can focus on your mind instead.  Shop around for furniture that will make you feel comfortable without putting you to sleep.  You can compare Lovesac to different couch brands to find the one that matches your tastes and senses, or repurposed furniture you already have into staying in this room.

You should have simple furniture in this room.  A small table, some bookshelves, and a couch are all that’s necessary.  If you plan to go in with family members, another chair or loveseat could be beneficial.

Tell Others That This Is a Private Space

It would help if you let other people know how important this room is to you and how much you need your privacy when you’re in there.  Of course, you can bring in family members when you want to use this time with them, and you should encourage others to use the space and connect with themselves as well, but when you’re in there alone, you need no interruptions.  You can cover this by putting a “don’t disturb” sign on the door or even by telling others that there’s no room for interruptions when the door is closed.  Make it clear to everyone in your household what you need and what’s expected, and respect others when they’re in the room as well.

Begin By Scheduling Time To Use It

When you first start, using your spiritual guidance room may feel a little daunting.  You may feel under the impression that you have to be perfect every moment you’re in there- or you may fear that you aren’t ready to connect with yourself spiritually.  Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, and believe in yourself first.  

The best way to ensure you get used out of your spiritual guidance room is to schedule it.  Set aside time that you have to be in this room, and stick to that schedule.  Although you might start slow, just reading devotionals or trying to have calm and reflective thoughts, that’s okay!  This area is your space to explore yourself and connect yourself more vital with what you believe in and who you want to be.  

Leave Electronics Out

The most massive mistake you could make is to bring your phone or computer into this space.  Leave these plugged into a charger in a different room.  You don’t need a television in this space either.  If you need music, you can use a Bluetooth speaker to play low-impact or instrumental music from Spotify apps.  If instead, you usually like to read your devotionals or verses from an app, it’s a better idea to get a physical book- or print them out.  This change will let you physically mark what you’ve gone over so far, and with time, you can track what you learned about yourself.  


This idea may sound counter-intuitive since you’re trying to leave the world outside of this room behind, but journaling can be a great use of time and effort.  You can write down what you’ve gone over in this session and what ground you still have to cover- or you could use the journal to write about your day and experiences.  Make sure this journal won’t be read by others unless you want it to be, and take the time to reflect heavily on what makes you feel good and whole.  Over time flip through this journal, and see what improvements you’ve made and what’s still there for you to grow from.  By putting all of this focus and energy into a spiritual guidance room, you’re creating a space for healthy thinking and living, be kind to yourself as you make these changes.