What Do My Dreams Mean? A Simple Guide

How many times have you woke up from a deep sleep, and realized that you had the most vivid dream? You could’ve sworn that dream was real, and, depending on the content of the dream, you are either relieved or disappointed to be awake.

Since dreaming is something we all do, and since dreaming is often so very real and dramatic, you can’t help but wonder, “what do my dreams mean?”

People have been studying the dream state for centuries, and have found some common dream themes that many of us share.

If you want to learn more about dreams, read on.

What is a Dream?

Dreams are defined as a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. There are no definitive reasons why dreams occur, though some scientists believe that dreams are “brain dumps” that help process information from your day.

As to the meaning of dreams, there is little scientific evidence that dreams have universal meanings. Rather, dreams are personal expressions that can only be fully interpreted by the one who dreams them.

But, there seems to be a few common dreams we all have had at one time or another. These archetypes or recurring dream themes can give all dreamers some insight about typical life challenges or events. Here are a few that come up often:

Dreams Involving Teeth

Dreaming that your teeth are falling out or cracking is a very common occurrence.

Some common interpretations of this dream are fear of being unattractive, trouble with communication, or anxiety about upcoming events. Loss of control over one’s life is another explanation, as is guilt from telling lies.

The tooth dream seems to center on the loss of control and power over one’s destiny.

Falling and Flying in Dreams

Falling in dreams, according to popular dream interpretation indicates that you are having trouble somewhere in your life.

Falling is a symbol of the fear of failure in work or relationships. Falling in dreams also expresses a need for letting go and enjoying life. When you dream you are falling, it suggests that you might consider a new direction in a particular area.

Flying in dreams is more positive. During these dreams, you are like a superhero, soaring over and above your problems. Flying symbolizes control over your life and the development of new ways to see things.

Being Chased, and Death Dreams

If you are being chased in your dream, it could mean you are trying to avoid something in your waking life, or are wanting to escape your own fears and desires.

Dreaming of death is also common, and is often believed to represent fear of the unknown or a fear of change. Not surprisingly, dreaming of death often reflects a grieving of the passing of time.

What Do My Dreams Mean?

While the above common dream themes seem to resonate with many of us, most experts agree that the answer to “what do my dreams mean?” is highly personal.

To delve deeper into dreams and their meanings in your own life, keep some paper and pencil by your bed and jot down any dream you have before it’s forgotten. You might see some common themes as they relate to your own stressors or joys.

But dreams are most productive if you can apply what you see and learn in dreams into your own waking life.

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