Incorporating Spirituality into Your Work/Life Balance

“Adulting” is tough. Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t tried it yet. Living the life of a responsible, grown-up person means juggling a lot of responsibilities. 

It means somehow juggling the needs of home, work, and family. It means making it all fit into the course of each day. It means hoping that, somehow, some way, you haven’t let anything important fall by the wayside.

But in the rush and flurry of each day, it can be easy to forget one thing. In hustling to keep the boss happy, put food on the table, and make sure the kids are alright, one thing often gets left off the list. You. More specifically, your spirit. 

Why It Matters

When you’re rising to meet the challenges of modern life, the “always-on” digitally connected world, it can feel like paying attention to your spiritual health is a luxury you just can’t afford right now.

The reality, though, is that taking the time to nurture your spirituality is a form of self-care that can yield tangible benefits throughout every aspect of your life. For example, studies show those who make a concerted effort to achieve a healthy work/life balance, which is a necessary offshoot of a more spiritually-attuned life, are more productive, have lower rates of absenteeism, and cost the organization 50% less in healthcare expenditures than do highly stressed, poorly balanced employees.

Imagine a pyramid. Your spirit is the base on which everything rests. And if you don’t have a strong, solid foundation, everything else will be unstable, everything else will be at risk of falling.

Focusing on spirit works because it provides clarity. It helps you prioritize your life. It enables you to determine your goals and your values, and it allows you to filter out anything that doesn’t directly contribute to those priorities. 

In essence, it enables you to clean out the mental and emotional clutter from your life. You’ll feel more energized, more positive, and more peaceful. You’ll have greater confidence and focus. You’re going to be more effective in your daily life because you’ll be laser-focused only on what matters. And you’ll be modeling that sense of calm, peace, and joy for those around you, especially your children.

Finding the Quiet

One of the first and most important ways to nourish your spiritual life is by taking time every day simply to be quiet and still. How you choose to do this will depend on what works best for you,  

Gentle yoga or daily meditation, perhaps before going to bed or as a part of your morning routine, can be ideal, however, for helping you find your spiritual center and that sense of peace and focus that comes from being rooted in spirit.

Make Every Day a Spa Day?

Cultivating spirit doesn’t necessarily mean engaging in concerted spiritual practice, such as prayer or meditation, though that is certainly at the core. But there are countless ways to find spiritual balance in your daily life.

A great way is simply through daily self-nurturing. Make sure that every day you do something that is just for you, something that gives you calm and comfort.

Before you go to bed each night, for instance, treat yourself to a mini-spa experience. Make your own bath bombs filled with your favorite colors and scents — just make sure you avoid ingredients that clog your drains. 

And if you want to go the extra mile, fill the bathroom with scented candles and put on your favorite, most soothing music. Let the warm waters and delicious aromas wash the stresses of the day away. Above all, recognize what this ritual truly is: a consecration, an affirmation of your right to nurturing, to comfort, and to care.

Spirit Work

Often, we think of work and spirit as two separate things. The fact is, though, that if you find the right job, your work can actually be a spiritual endeavor. If you are someone who finds your peace and joy in nature, if adventure electrifies your spirit, then consider a job that enables you to spend your days adventuring outside. 

You might become a camping, climbing, or backpacking guide, for instance. Best of all, with a job like this, you’re not only bathing your spirit in the miracles of nature, but you’re helping others do the same!

The Takeaway

Balancing your spiritual life with your work and home life doesn’t just happen. It takes thought and effort, but it is well worth the commitment. When you take the time to nurture your spirit, you’ll be healthier, happier, more focused, and more peaceful. And not only will you reap the rewards, so will those you love.