My first experience with an astrologer, Gurushree Vidushii

This past Monday, September 7, 2020 was my first experience with an astrologer. Gurushree Vidushii met with me via Google Hangout and gave me a personal life reading / vedic and karmic astrology reading session. I did not know what to expect and had never met with her prior to the reading. I also had not given her any personal information about me prior to our meeting. However, the information she provided me about my life was very accurate.

She described to me with great attention to detail different major turning points and life events I had gone through in my past. She also offered helpful advice and specific suggestions to me to navigate future transitions in my life. For example, without knowing anything about my past, she told me that I started off in one path and then switched to another path, which is consistent with me starting off my career as a lawyer and then switching to a psychologist.  She worked with me on my personal, professional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of my life. Moreover, she described certain numbers, colors, letters, days of the week, and years that I should pay closer attention to in order to make the best decision and obtain the best outcomes for my life. She also mentioned certain emotions and personality characteristics for me to be aware of, develop, and avoid in order to experience the greatest chances for success and happiness. Moreover, Gurushree Vidushii spoke to me with great care, thoughtfulness, and earnestness. I believe her advice and analyses will help me grow spiritually, develop personally, and give me specific insights to enhance my career.

Gurushree Vidushii also happens to be the founder of Rudra Universe Center for Spiritual Living. The center’s only aim is to serve humanity and help them find their hidden consciousness. Through both ancients and modern spiritual sciences and myriad forms and practices, she helps people reach their inner self which is a source of joy, peace and fulfillment. Part of her work involves looking at people’s karmic and astral footprints and then deciding which path is right for you. She offers vedic and karmic Kalachakra readings for your life, study and analyses your space and its anatomy, prepares prosperity and growth charts of organizations that you are free to choose. She also conducts Spiritual retreats, meditation programs and delivers exclusive discourses on all subject matters related to mind, soul, and greater consciousness. In a different capacity as a spiritual mentor, Gurushree also coaches leadership management on their own internal value systems and empowers all leaders to achieve greater clarity, balance and harmony within their own selves. 

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