Stress management tips for writers that want to work with ease!

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If you just had started to master any kind of writing, we are sure that you had already experienced how stressful this task can be, especially if you want to become a fully-fledged writer. Almost everyone who does not have any specific interest in writing thinks that it is an extremely easy job that does not require any serious effort whatsoever, but it is fundamentally incorrect. Just as with any other hobby or profession you may have, if you want to achieve any notable success, you have to relentlessly train and polish your skills every single day to the point of complete exhaustion. Many aspiring and talented writers are often forced to stop writing altogether due to the extreme amount of stress they have to face. It hits especially close to home for those, who do not have any substantial experience and want to make a name for themselves by becoming a professional writer. Every advanced or expert level writer can testify that the most stressful and nerve-wracking years are the first ones when you are utterly clueless about what do you have to do to be successful at this specific profession.

Anti-stress tips for writers that want to master their craft with ease!

No matter how ambitious you are and how confident in your skills and abilities, you can be, not even a single writer is safe from stress and anxiety. Writing in itself is a very stressful job because each work of yours would be mercilessly judged not only by the fellow writers and the readers, who understand how sophisticated any type of writing can be but also by the people, who do not know anything about the art of writing in the first place. Moreover, the people who do not care about writing would always be the harshest judges out of all of them. So does that mean that you must be scared out of your mind and stop writing altogether? Of course not, since we are here to present you a list of genuinely useful and effective tips that will make your writing progress significantly less stressful and a lot more fun at the same time!

  1. Do not expect yourself to do the impossible and be realistic about your own writing skills and abilities.

Since you had only started your way to becoming an expert writer, you have to learn about your limitations, strengths and weaknesses as much as you can. This will make your work significantly less stressful since you know your capabilities and do not have to force yourself trying to achieve the impossible results in your first years of mastering this craft. Moreover, this approach to writing will help you to be confident in your skills and abilities and give you the opportunity to see your progression a lot clearer. In addition, you will be able to correctly define the areas that you need to improve without wasting an enormous amount of effort time on it. Plus if you wish to become a writer professionally, judging if the specific task is suitable for you or not even at your current novice or advanced level would not be an issue altogether.

     2. Learn how to manage your time properly if you do not want to be stressed out of your mind by every single deadline.

The advanced time management skills and the knowledge on how to apply them will change your writing routine in its entirety. Every writer regardless of what its speciality is has to deal with unreasonably short deadlines that cannot be rescheduled in any possible way. Proper time management is an essential skill that every writer must have in order to make their work as productive and as efficient as it possibly can be. By learning how to plan your work effectively, you will not be scared by even the tightest time limit ever again! In addition, you will be able to judge how reasonable the deadline is and how to set it yourself without putting yourself in a considerable risk or disadvantage.

       3. Do not limit yourself more than you have to during your writing process or in case you are going to decide what task you can choose to work on.

Trying to limit yourself more than you have to during your writing process is the most widespread mistake among the novice or advanced level writers that want to make a name for themselves. Usually, it is done to comply with the word count that was set in their assignment, challenge their limitations, or to impress the supervisor or a customer by consciously putting themselves into a disadvantageous position. However, trying to do so is utterly and ultimately pointless, since the sheer amount of mental pressure you have to deal with during your work would bring more harm than good. In case of a word count, we advise you to forget about it altogether until you have finished writing your piece. Compressing a large text that contains many interesting and creative ideas is significantly faster and simpler than trying to fit everything into a number of words that was requested by your supervisor or a customer. In addition, trying to impress anybody by artificially limiting yourself is an extremely bad idea, because your inspiration and desire to write anything further would wear itself off insanely quickly, leaving you desperate and exhausted in the end.

      4. Do not religiously stick to a specific genre or form of writing, since you would put yourself in a cage by doing so.

If you like expressing yourself through writing or doing it professionally, you will soon find yourself leaning towards a specific genre or type of writing that you think is suitable for you the most. However, by neglecting the exploration of the space that is outside your comfort writing zone it would not be long until your work begins to stagnate, inspiration wither, and you will force yourself to actually start writing anything more and more often. Writing is an extremely expressive craft with an uncountable and diverse range of topics, genres and forms to choose from so do not lock yourself in a metaphoric “cage” and let your talent and potential to be destroyed. In addition, by exploring what else the art of writing has to offer, you will have the opportunity to find and polish your own style, enrich your vocabulary, and improve your skills and abilities all at the same time.

      5. Train your sense of perception and observation skills as much as you can to ensure that you will never run out of inspiration or topics to write about.

Every truly skilled writer that aims to master their craft has to be an observant and perceptive individual that is never lazy in training these no doubt useful qualities. By improving them, you will be able to find a source of inspiration even in the most mundane events, personalities or situations easily. Moreover, you will improve your ability to see even the tiniest and insignificant details as well as the bigger picture behind them at the same time. If you are able to comprehend or conceive even the most sophisticated and complex ideas with ease, you will never run out of things to write about as well as become able to come up with the most engaging and interesting plot without wasting numerous hours on its creation. Besides, the skills that we mentioned previously are essential and useful not only for writing or other related activities but for everyday life as well.