Journey to the Celtic Otherworld: An 8D Guided Audio Visualization

Reiki Space recently released an 8D Guided Audio Visualization called Journey to the Celtic Otherworld. If you enjoy guided visualizations, meditations, or relaxations, then you will really enjoy this, especially if you have trouble calming your mind while you meditate. According to their website,

“The term “8D audio” has become popular over the last few years.  The audio technique that is used is called “binaural mixing”.  This simply put is the “panning” of audio between two channels.  This technique creates the effect of music “surrounding you”. The experience is achieved by wearing headphones which creates the illusion of a 360-degree space. We thought this would be perfect when subtly combining tribal style drumming together with authentic “journeying” to undiscovered worlds!”

“Journey to the Celtic Otherworld” is a unique blend of meditation & guided visualization. It provides an authentic visualization experience that makes you feel like you are really there with stunning images and immersive audio. After I listened I felt relaxed and energized. For more information you can visit their website by clicking here.