9 Youtube Travel Vlogs That You Won’t Want to Miss

Are you looking for a way to get pumped for your next adventure while in quarantine? Click here to learn some of the best YouTube travel vlogs on the platform.

When looking for trip inspiration, 2 in 3 people turn to YouTube travel vlogs.

It’s no wonder. The platform has made it possible for travelers to gain huge audiences. Not only can people now explore other countries and learn about other cultures, but they can also share those experiences with the world.

With travel vlogs hugely relevant in today’s society, it can be impossible to know where to start. Many vloggers are vying for success on the platform, each with their own unique experiences to offer.

But these 9 travel experts are successful for a reason, whether because of their open-mindedness, unusual takes or simply because of a magnetic personality.

1. Fun for Louis, With Some of the Most Famous YouTube Travel Vlogs

Louis Cole is perhaps the most famous travel vlogger to emerge from the United Kingdom.

What makes one of the best travel vlogs is his dedication to uploading every day for long periods of time and his undertaking of experiences that are rare to see on YouTube.

For example, he’s one of the very few people on YouTube to have North Korea vlogs. Although he often comes under fire for his controversial decisions, he certainly makes for a watching experience you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Bald and Bankrupt, for a More Unusual Experience

Bald and Bankrupt is obsessed with Eastern Europe and Asia, and not just the tourist cities.

Although he has vlogs in places like Moscow, most of his content takes place in rural villages. He’s come under criticism for not being conscious of his own safety, but he definitely has shown places on his channel that no one else has.

If you’re interested in overnight trains across Russia or desolate villages that have a truly eerie feel to them, this is the channel for you.

3. Hey Nadine, to Show the Light and Fun Side of Traveling

Nadine is a little more light-hearted and safety conscious. She focuses on travel tips, specializing in females traveling alone — which she’s done many times!

Nadine doesn’t tend to travel to areas considered unsafe, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less adventurous. She’s just a bit more conscious about the influence she has on her platform.

If you’re undertaking a solo adventure, Nadine’s videos are great to download from YouTube and watch on the plane ride there.

You’ll come away not only feeling reassured about traveling alone but with excellent knowledge of how to keep yourself safe.

4. Fearless and Far, for the More Extreme Side of Things

Mike Corey has been obsessed with travel for a long time, and he certainly lives up to his channel name.

No adventure seems too weird or intimidating for Corey. He travels to little-known corners of the world seeking out experiences that the average person will never encounter in their lifetime.

After all, have you ever heard of the Exploding Hammer Festival?

5. The Bucket List Family, a Not-Quite-So Average Family

The Bucket List family claim to be your completely average family, but one look at their vlogs and you might dispute that.

They take on adventures all around the world, taking along their three small children. They’ve certainly proved one thing — having kids doesn’t mean the end of thrilling experiences.

The children and parents alike seem to truly love their lifestyle.

6. Vagabrothers, to See True Connections Forged Between Unlikely People

Among the best YouTube travel videos are those who come from Marko and Alex Ayling.

Yes, they’re actually brothers.

Oddly, the brothers claim they weren’t close before starting this channel together. Now, they travel together all over the world with the aim of connecting with different cultures and dispelling harmful stereotypes.

Their goal seems to come from a very good place, and it makes for a great watch.

7. Wolter’s World, for practical advice

Wolter’s World prides himself on his practical travel advice and being transparent with his audience.

He doesn’t glamourize places or the experience as a whole. Instead, he focuses on how to keep yourself safe, and what not to do when visiting certain places — from lesser-visited countries like Russia to huge tourist cities like London.

If you need the best YouTube travel videos to get educated on a specific place and learn how to blend in, this is the best channel to come to.

After all, no one likes to visit a place and feel like they stand out as a foreigner.

8. Migrationology, for All-Important Food Videos That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Mark Wiens believes that the one thing every culture has in common is their love of food.

He’s not wrong.

If you’re looking to find places with unique food experiences or just need to find a great meal in the place you’re visiting, this channel is where to come. Wiens is great at finding the best spots for grub in any country.

9. Psycho Traveller, Psychologist Turned Traveler

Psycho Traveller is a British vlogger (hence the spelling of her channel name) who aims to inspire people.

After graduating in psychology, she decided she’d rather live as a “digital nomad” and show people they can have the life they want.

Her adventures are fun and her warm, inviting personality makes her an absolute joy to watch.

Ready to See the World?

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip or just want to learn about other cultures, these are the YouTube travel vlogs to get lost in.

The best travel vlogs combine awesome personalities with mind-blowing experiences, and all of the content creators above have managed to do just that.

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