How our Angels and therapy can help us deal with loneliness and anxiety during COVID-19

Loneliness and anxiety are two of the most common problems that people face today. Some people use therapy, medication, self-help groups, and personal development programs to help us feel less anxious or less lonely. These can work well…

However, our Angels can actually help us and want to help us feel less anxious and lonely. Simply acknowledging and believing this can help reduce anxiety. For example, anxiety is typically caused because we overestimate the likelihood of a threat or that something bad might happen to us. This is a useful emotion when we have a legitimate reason for feeling anxious such as when there is an actual threat. If there is a legitimate threat, then that anxiety can motivate us to take action and protect ourselves. However, usually this is not the case. One healthy way to respond to anxiety is to simply become aware that we are experiencing anxiety and accept our experience of anxiety non-judgmentally. Anxiety often presents itself as a feeling of tension in our chest or stomach. We can stop, feel that sensation, accept it without judgment, and then ask our Angels for help. We can ask the Angels whether there is a legitimate threat or no threat? Then, if there is no threat and we mentally tell ourselves there is no threat, our experience of anxiety usually decreases or becomes less intense. However, if there is a threat, then we can ask our Angels to help guide us to take appropriate action. Simply knowing that the Angels have our back in this process can help immensely. We may not believe that we are equipped to handle a situation on our own. But, if we believe and recognize that our Angles are there to help us and can provide us with guidance when we are feeling anxious, then that can lower anxiety levels tremendously, as well as help us take inspired actions to alleviate the situation.

Similarly, this process can help us to feel less lonely. It is my belief that it is not possible to be alone because we always have Angels around us who can guide us or simply be with us. They actually want us to acknowledge Them, ask for Their help, and receive Their help when They give it to us. Sometimes Their help shows up in the form of an intuition, gut instinct, or inner knowing. Other times, it may come in the form of serendipity, synchronicity, or a meaningful coincidence. For example, we may hear a song or watch a TV show or talk to someone who has a message that directly relates to our life. I believe these are signs or message from our Angels trying to guide us, lower our anxiety, and let us know that we are never alone.

It can also be helpful to try to identify your specific Angels. This may vary from culture or religion. However, it is interesting that all religions and cultures make some reference to Angels or Spiritual Beings who are capable of guiding us. A few of the more common ones written about in spiritual texts include Quan Yin, known in Buddhism as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, Ganesha, a Hindu deity known to help people develop strength by overcoming challenges in life, and Archangel Michael, a healing and protector Angel seen in Catholic sanctuaries. So, you can find an Angel that feels best for you and your particular circumstance and know that They are always available and wanting to offer their love, support and guidance. If you need additional support, you can also include therapy to find a professional who is trained in helping others manage anxiety and loneliness. One good resource for finding online therapists is


Dr. Matthew Welsh, J.D., Ph.D.
Founder of Spiritual Media Blog
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  1. Margaret Coles says:

    Some years ago, as I write this in May of 2020, I awoke from an afternoon nap. The curtains of the sitting room were closed because the sun is quite bright through the windows. Directly opposite me stood a golden figure, probably about eight feet tall. The gold not only shone but it was in waves one might say. I was mesmerized for what seemed some minutes. I heard nothing, but was enmeshed in love, coming from this being. Then the experience slowly diminished and I was left with a feeling of wonder and reassurance that I was loved and cared for. Sincerely, Margaret Coles.

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