Q&A with Hans Wilhelm, creator of LIFEexplained.com

As a writer, illustrator and mystic Hans Wilhelm is using his talents to explain the complicated spiritual laws and concepts in a very unique and simple visual presentation in short videos. These videos have become an important help and source of inspiration for more than 10 million viewers. All videos are non-religious and are available for free and without any commercials on YouTube or at www.LIFEexplained.com.

1.   Can you tell us a little bit about your videos? What type of videos do you make? Why do you make them? And, how did you get interested in creating videos to explain spiritual truths?

Over the years, during my mystical training I have learned that the best way for me to fully grasp the – often complicated – spiritual laws and connections is by teaching them. I believe a teacher is a student who teaches to continue his studies. As Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it to a six-year old, you probably haven’t understood it yourself.”

For this reason, I decided to make short YouTube videos because I wanted to reach out to young people and everybody else who is searching for a deeper truth. In these videos I am using my skills as a writer and illustrator and visually demonstrate and explain how the various laws of the universe work. The totally surprising success of these videos shows that this simple ‘back on napkin’ approach is very appealing to millions of viewers. 

2.    Many of your videos discuss themes related to karma, free will, and the obstacles, challenges, and lessons we face in our life. What advice would you have for people to help them overcome the obstacles and challenges they face in life and learn the lessons that will help them progress?

Our challenges and obstacles are unique for each one of us and so are the solutions. But there are some broad suggestions that I gave in my video ‘Problems, Crisis, Difficulties’ that has now become very popular with the corona crisis. In short, all our suffering comes from our shattered expectations and our fear comes from our assumption that we alone know for sure what would be best for us in our future. I go deeper in this in my videos ‘Fear’ and ‘No More Disappointments’. 

The corona crisis is a good example. Everybody’s expectations and plans have been crushed. Collectively we are now forced to re-evaluate everything including our future. Somebody pushed the big re-set button. But when we understand that nothing in life happens to us but only for us, we may eventually see this crisis as a wake-up call. In time of extreme difficulties, it always helped me to ask myself this question: How would I act if I fully understood that the challenge that I’m going through right now is the most helpful and perfect for the evolution of my consciousness and for my return Home to God? That usually puts everything for me into perspective.

3.   What are some of the defining qualities or differences between people who do overcome the obstacles and challenges they face in life and the people who do not overcome the obstacles and challenges they face in life?

I believe it is mostly a question of letting go. If I can let go of my self-made expectations or illusions of how my life should be and surrender to reality, to God, then my suffering will be short. But if I insist that life should give me exactly what I expect to receive I will continue to suffer. In the end reality always wins. Nothing is stronger than God. And the lesson is forever the same: it is always a lesson of Love which in most cases boils down to forgiving and asking for forgiveness. But if surrendering to God is still too difficult for us, we can try to surrender to the NOW – which is another word for God. Being in the Here and Now is a way to calm our mind and be open to divine guidance. There are many mindful meditations available. Furthermore, we have to remember that absolutely every obstacle, problem or challenge that we encounter was created and initiated by us. It is our own feeling, thinking, speaking and acting coming back to us until we learn our lesson of Love. I go deeper into this in my short video “Stop Being A Victim.”

4.  Many people are exhausted, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or just burned out from the challenges of life. What advice would you have for people to increase their energy, peace, and/or motivation to face life’s challenges without feeling burned out, stressed, or jaded?

It is my understanding that stress is a sign that we are attached to something that is no longer right for us. Again, it is a lesson of ‘letting go and letting God’. Our fierce attachment to our thoughts causes the suffering. When we honestly question our thoughts and our beliefs, we can set ourselves free. Difficult and desperate times can also make us humble and turn within to God who is always with us and eager to help us. There is no stronger source of comfort and healing. Divinity may help us to see the positive in the situation and awaken in us gratefulness. I have made a special video how gratefulness works in our brain and our body. It changes our whole chemistry. Even in the direst circumstances there is always the silver lining for which we can be grateful. We have to keep focusing on the positive over and over again.  

5.   In your video about listening to our soul, you talk about how violent movies, media, and news can distract us from our soul. Can you explain a little bit about that? And, how can we be informed about what is going on in the world (e.g., coronavirus, global wars, financial instability, political discourse) without letting the consumption of that media or news distract us from what our soul is trying to tell us?

It is my understanding, that all our negative thoughts, words and actions are creating karma that eventually will return back to us. But before that happens our soul receives plenty of warning signals so that we can clear up our karma before it hits us in full measure. These are very important signals that we can actually feel in our body, something like anxiety or boredom. Unfortunately, we try to ignore these feelings and fill our life with distracting activities, like binge-watching, computer games and others instead of paying attention to them. Many of these activities and what we see on our tv screen is hazardous to our soul, and thus also to our body. Like trash food it will eventually cause health issues. Particularly when we watch a lot of news, which is often loaded with anger and fear. Anger is highly contagious. Scientific tests have shown that it takes less than a second to affect us and our family and everybody around us. In these difficult times the news stations are usually rehashing the same stories over and over again. Therefore, I try to be very selective and brief with my consumption of tv news. Not more than a few minutes a day to stay informed. And when it comes to movies and tv shows I think your spiritual media blog is doing phenomenal work by listing inspirational movies and shows that uplift our spirit. I wrote down quite a few to watch for myself. 

6.  You have another video about suicide, what would you tell someone who is considering suicide who has no spiritual or religious beliefs or no beliefs about the afterlife?

I would say, watch my video on suicide – even if you don’t believe in life after death. Suicide has so many important facets that we often overlook when we are trapped in our confused mind. One of the most significant law in the universe is the law of change. Everything constantly changes. This includes our present situation. It will change and therefore, we owe it to our future self to pull through the darkest moments in our life. And if we are able to surrender to our present situation and feel deeply in our heart the words “Thy will be done” we may sense the divine presence, or our guardian angel who wants to guide us safely through this ‘valley of the shadow of death’. If we could only grasp that we are always surrounded and supported by divine, we would never feel lonely, heartbroken or fearful. 

And if none of this resonates, I would always recommend calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 800 273 8255. 

7.   Have you experienced any serendipity or synchronicity in your life journey? If so, what? And how do you think serendipity or synchronicity is related to our soul and life purpose?

There have been many incidents in my life where I met people or circumstances that propelled me further on my quest in life. These were wonderful moments for which I will always be grateful. But in the end, I believe everything in our life is carefully orchestrated for us. I explained it in greater detail in my video “Life Before Birth”. Therefore, what we think is synchronicity or serendipity are just events where we temporarily do not see the spiritual connection and intention that made it happen. It’s all connected. As I said before, everything happens for us and not to us. There is no mistake in the universe. Einstein concluded that this is a friendly universe. I don’t think that even this pandemic would have changed his mind. Because everything that happens to us is medicine for our healing and our way Home, back to Love. 


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