11 Unexpected Ways Pilates Can Make Your Life Better

If you are a fitness lover and enthusiast, you have probably come across the word “Pilates.” You are also probably one of the many who knows and appreciate the ways on how this makes one’s life a lot better.
Pilates pertains to a fitness routine utilizing low-impact movements, muscular stability, endurance, and flexibility to build strength. The major emphasis of Pilates includes muscle balance, mindful movement, and core strength.

This is a workout routine that can be accessed easily by athletes of different levels. The exercises are scaled depending on individual ability, and majority of movements are usually completed with just their floor mat and their body.
Pilates is fantastic means of improving athleticism, getting better shape and making one’s life better. The following are ways on how Pilates can actually make your life a lot better:

• Pilates Boosts Your Energy
Pilates work in renewing and boosting your energy. Since Pilates stimulate the muscles and spines and significantly get your circulation and breath, it helps a lot in giving you energy both physically and mentally. It such a case, you will be able to get through your day.

• Pilates Relieves Pain
Are you suffering from neck and back pain? Since Pilates help in improving posture and addressing muscle imbalances, causing back pain. This helps lessen and eliminate back pain especially when practiced on regular basis. Pilates also make your life better in a manner that strengthens the core and teaches body awareness. Those individuals who are practicing Pilates regularly don’t get injured often.

• Helps You Sleep Better
Pilates help in fighting stress, which is actually one of the major causes of insomnia. It might not be obvious, but there have been scientific studies pointing the fact that individuals practicing Pilates regularly get much better sleep at night than those who do not. If you are in tune-up with your own body, you will be more capable of letting go of stress and relax.

• Improves Function of the Nervous System
Exercises encourage good physical health not just joints but also muscles. Practicing workout activities that particularly engage deeper tissues and muscles can significantly activate communication chains between the muscles and brain that might not otherwise be used.

• Improves Posture
Your core muscles help you in achieving proper posture. In case your core muscles tend to be weak, you are more likely to slouch then. Having good posture is highly imperative for many good reasons. Proper posture works in reducing stress on muscles all throughout the body. Standing and sitting straight improves one’s ability to deeply breathe. Straightening the spine opens up the rib cage, and by doing so, restrictions on the rib cage and lungs are reduced enabling you to take much fuller breaths. Good posture effectively reduces back problems, as well.

• Pilates Help Individuals Exercise Mindful Meditation
Aside from releasing the body’s physical tension, Pilates can be utilized as a mindful practice of meditation aimed at improving mental health. Meditation is proven to improve one’s emotional health by releasing depression, anxiety and stress, improving focus, managing on-going or chronic pain, increasing creativity, honing the mind, fighting bad habits, and many more. Meditation commonly takes many different forms. Pilates particularly incorporates deep breathing techniques and focus on physical tensions helping individuals to free their mind from distractions and just focus on their body.

• Improves the Ability to Perform Daily Tasks
The focus of Pilates is on strengthening and engaging muscles in the core. The back and abdominal muscles tend to support the entire body through its daily activities therefore, improving stability and strength of these muscles can improve quality of life drastically. Even those tasks using leg and arm muscles like lifting heavy objects or sweeping the floor can be hard if you’ve got weaker core as compared to the other muscles used to complete these tasks. Through enhancing flexibility and strength of core muscles, you can also enhance your ability to carry out everything from doing house works and completing daily tasks as well.

• Eliminates Stress
With Pilates, you can now say goodbye to stress and live a better life. Pilates has actually grown a lot of following these days. People feel and see results instantly, providing them with greater motivation. Each session of Pilates is intense, providing a full-body workout. You will not just feel exercises are working but will also feel great afterward. Many would agree that Pilates is an excellent stress buster. Whether after a long and tiring work or first thing in the morning, Pilates can give you a great escape in small groups and fun environment.

• Helps You Maintain an Ideal Shape
Intense and good reformer workout will help you burn more calories than ordinary mat class for beginners. One of the best ways of ensuring that you effectively lose weight in a time period that you prefer is to combine reformer workouts with cardiovascular exercises.

• Relieves Back Pain
Pilates can make your life better because you are set free from back pain. Pilates was first developed as a rehabilitative tool. Joseph Pilates commits his life teaching his own workout techniques, believing that bad posture is linked with poor health. He also believed that with proper awareness of spine alignment and breath, abdominal muscles and deep torso could be strengthened, and stress can be greatly reduced.

• Improves Sex Life
Pilates has been linked with alignment and rehabilitation; however, there are other reasons to include Pilates into your fitness repertoire. Pilates does not just make sex life better but also delivers many other benefits in the bedroom. This is known to effectively tone pelvic floor and strengthen the abdominals improving the performance of the body. Pilates is proven to impact your intimate relationship positively.

Knowing all these ways on how Pilates can make your life better, you are now convinced that incorporating this into your fitness routine is a highly beneficial move. Pilates can deliver enormous positive impacts not just on physical but also mental and sexual health. If you haven’t tried this workout, now is the best time to do so.

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