How To Maintain A High Vibration Even When You’re Feeling Down

By Charlie, from

“Be positive!”

These two seemingly simple words can evoke a range of different emotions…Excitement for someone who is waiting in anticipation. Encouragement for someone who is feeling doubtful. But, for the person who is in deep emotional despair…The words “be positive”can sometimes seem downright annoying!

 We have all been there…

Trying to maintain a high vibration in order to manifest the best possible outcome for this earth experience, only to meet with a bump in the road.

A backward step on the path to our dreams and desires. Depression, anxiety, whichever form this dark shadow casts, it’s always a blow to the body’s energetic frequency.

What makes it worse is knowing that you are supposed to be positive and fearing the effect that this momentary weakness may have on your highest path…

But, guess what?

Crappy feelings are not the end of the world!

They are not going to send your manifestations into the abyss nor are they going to inhibit your spiritual growth…

 So stop feeling bad about feeling bad!

The truth is that feeling “low” is all part of the human experience.

We perceive life as dualistic…

There’s no light without dark…

No sunshine without rain…

And no bliss without sadness…

This point is especially valid when it comes to manifestation…

After all, how can you ever know what it is that you want out of life if you haven’t first experienced the things that you don’t want?

It’s always frustrating to hear so-called “spiritual gurus” telling people that enlightenment is the ability to disassociate with pain and feel nothing but pure bliss.

This condition is not enlightenment, it’s psychopathy.

Not feeling anger toward those who hurt others…

Not feeling pain for all of the suffering that goes on in the world…

How could anyone be so far removed and yet claim to be connected?

Get this…

 Your pain is not lowering your vibration, your inability to continue healing and growing is!

You do not need to maintain a chirpy, bubbly persona 100% of the time in order to be considered “high-vibe”. But you probably don’t want to slump around depressed your entire life either.

Here is the ultimate truth…

Just as the physical universe is ever expanding, so are we. Your vibration is therefore only affected by your depression when you don’t accept, learn and grow from it. And yes, part of that growth will be about steering yourself toward better feelings. After all, a positive attitude has been proven to be directly linked with success…But in order to achieve that positive attitude, you need to stop being so hard on yourself!

Quit with the self-guilt tripping and invite more love and acceptance into your life.

Now, you may be asking “but how do I do that?”

And that would be a fair question. It’s not easy to reach joy from a place of anger, sadness or depression and therefore the journey to raising your vibration must be done in small, easy to reach steps. Here are some examples:

 1.) Distraction

The last thing you probably want to do while feeling low is to work on having more positive thoughts. In fact, if anything, this could possibly end up stressing you out even more. Instead, distract yourself.

Write a list of all the things that you can do right now…

Again, if you feel like the task is going to cause more pain than it’s worth, leave it out.

Fill your list with simple tasks such as…

  • Make the bed
  • Have lunch
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Take a shower

As you distract yourself with everyday tasks, you will begin to pull your mind away from a lower vibration and into the present moment.

 2.) Reach For The Next Best Feeling

When you are feeling low, joy and happiness are often just too hard to reach from your current gloomy state. So instead, why not treat your emotions like a ladder? Move your way up step by step always reaching for the next best feeling. Anger feels better than sadness, frustration feels better than anger and so on. Remember, when it comes to raising your vibration it’s all about growth.

3.) Self Love

Self-love is a great way to recharge when you’re feeling down…But what does self-love look like? Well, that depends entirely on you! There are no hard and fast rules on how you choose to take care of yourself. For some, it may mean a quiet evening of rest and relaxation…For others, it may be a nature hike in the woods…It’s all about the things that make you feel good! The things that you love but perhaps don’t make time to do enough of. Treat yourself to some guilt-free self-love, you deserve it!

 4.) Social Time

Friends and family are great for picking us up when we’re feeling down! Nobody sees your greatness quite like the people who love you. Therefore, if you feel your frequency getting low, surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Social time is a great release. It’s a way to talk about the things that are getting you down. When you express yourself within an understanding environment, you naturally release and let go of any heavy energy weighing you down. Whenever you surround yourself with high vibrational people, your energy can’t help but raise up to meet those higher frequency levels. As the saying goes, “you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” With that being said, it’s easy to see why quality social time is so powerful for maintaining a high vibe.

 5.) Meditation

Meditation is hands down the best tool for maintaining a high vibration even when you are feeling down! In fact, people who commit to a meditation routine for even just 10 minutes a day are able to maintain more balance and positivity in general than those who do not meditate at all. Meditation allows you to step out of pain and depression and simply observe from a higher perspective. It calms both the mind and body while allowing a heightened sense of awareness between you and your higher self. Meditation has been used not just for raising vibration but also for manifestation in general as well as cementing a deeper connection with the universe.


  1. Destiny says:

    Distracting yourself or focusing yourself with other things really is a good way to maintain a high vibration when you’re feeling down…

  2. Bobby says:

    Distracting yourself or Focusing Yourself with other things i have tried but believe it didn’t work well for me. I usually quit any thing very quickly can you help i can improve myself and become more focus and productive.

  3. Manifest says:

    Most of the things are easy to tell but difficult to follow. Especially keeping our vibrations high, when we are feeling low. However, your article explained it very well how that can be achieved. All the points you mentioned like, Meditation, self love and social time are very important to come out of ‘low’ mood. One that I like most is doing smaller activities make a bed or taking a shower.

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