A link between blessing and healing?

By Pierre Pradervand

Blessing, in the meaning used on this site and in books* I have written on the practice of blessing, often results in healing.  A perusal of the section on healing testimonies shows that numerous healings or resolutions of “impossible” situations have occurred through this practice:  including a severe depression; very difficult relationships; being freed from captivity by rebel Tuaregs in the Sahara; finding deep peace after being abandoned by a spouse… the list is almost endless.

Blessing is not a healing technique, rather it is a loving impulse from the heart which surrounds a person or situation that arouses our compassion. I won’t give here a definition of blessing, which you will find in the basic text, but the experience of thousands of people all over the planet who have adopted this practice is that, after a while, it becomes a way of living and looking at the world. Some who practice blessing in their daily lives have reached the point where they spontaneously and above all instantaneously bless any form of suffering they encounter during the day, be it an old peasant woman carrying a load much too heavy for her (in which case blessing might lead to a concrete act of carrying her burden!), an aged prostitute trying to find one last client at 3a.m., a dictator bellowing on television, a wounded bird, a country field ravaged by a terrible thunderstorm. Everything can be a subject for blessing and has indeed become so for some who use this practice in viewing life and the world.

Every single blessing heals in that it brings peace, it acts as a balm to any suffering, and it expresses heartfelt joy in the presence of beauty, kindness or any other form of good.

One last comment. Most of us are familiar with the “little monkeys”, these totally ridiculous thoughts which invade out minds all the time (and especially when we try to meditate!). However, those little monkeys cannot enter a spirit which radiates thoughts of loving kindness, compassion and love all day long. Therefore, become this pillar of positive and quiet radiance wherever you go and be one of the numerous silent sentinels who are transforming the world from the inside and in total joyful anonymity.

*For books on blessing please visit 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World and The Gentle Art of Blessing


  1. Karen says:

    Ao wonderful to read about a practice I unconsciously began to so and found it was growing and becoming part of my awareness… it is less an intention and more a revealing of the soul’s awakening .

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