Karaoke Health Benefits: How Singing and Having Fun Improve your Health

Credit for picture belongs to https://musicoomph.com
Credit for picture belongs to https://musicoomph.com

A lot of people love singing, in fact we all do, no matter how bad we are at it. You do not need to be a pro at it to know that there can be great benefits of singing to your physical, emotional and social health. In this article we share with you 10 reasons why having fun at singing especially at a karaoke can help you improve your health.

1. Singing helps to strengthen immune system

You might be interested to know that singing helps to boost your immune system. Blood contains proteins which acts as antibodies  also known as immunoglobulin which increases when you sing.

2. Singing helps to improve posture

When you sing, you usually stand up straight and it is also be a habit to stand when you sing. This helps to expand your chest cavity and keep your back and shoulder aligned well. Doing this on a regular basis will help you improve the overall posture of your body.

3. Singing is a good workout

Whether you are an elderly person, someone injured or a disabled person – singing can be a great form of exercise. It is healthy and helps to maintain your lungs as well if you form the habit of singing regularly and with the right vocal techniques. Some other health benefits of singing are stimulated circulation of blood and a stronger diaphragm. You tend to pull up a lot of oxygen when you sing and that increases your stamina and your capacity to do aerobics.

4. Singing helps you to sleep

A lot of health experts believe that singing can help you strengthen your throat and your palate muscles. When this happens you stop snoring and it also stops sleep apnea. If you are someone who suffers from both these symptoms we do not need to tell you how difficult it can be for you to sleep peacefully at night.

5. Singing kills depression

Singing releases endorphin hormone in your brain which is known to uplift your mood and keep you happy. The release of this chemical in your brain helps to increase a sense of pleasure and ward off trouble from your mind to boost your energy as well as mood.

6. Singing helps to improve your mental alertness

Aforementioned, singing improves your blood circulation and increases your oxygen level in your body. This in turn improves your mental alertness and also your capacity to concentrate. This is great for those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease that leads to memory loss.

7. Singing helps to boosts your confidence

If you are someone who suffers from stage fright, performing karaoke will help to overcome your fears and boost your level of self confidence. So you should continue singing more often in front of a crowd if you want to improve on your confidence or even boost your presentation skills.

8. Singing improves your communication skills

Singing can help to prepare the brain for a certain kind of language. Music can be equally important as reading or writing. It is even better for those who like to write their own lyrics. This will help you improve on your communication skills in various ways.

9. Singing lowers down your stress level

Singing is a form of relaxation. It helps to release muscle tension and also decreases the levels of stress hormones which is also known as cortisol in your blood stream. When you sing, your brain releases endorphins that helps to uplift your mood thereby reducing your level of tension.

10. Singing helps in widening friend circle

When you are a part of a choir or sing on stage more often or even hit the bar for a lot many karaoke nights, you tend to meet with  a lot of people that improves your communication skills and further develops your social life. This makes you meet more people who enjoy singing like you, thereby creating a new level of intimacy with those around naturally.

Singing can be very relaxing and it has its own kind of beauty. It is not about hitting the right chord and ranges but also developing your health status right away. So go hit your favourite pub for a karaoke night with your friends right away or join a choir to uplift your level of enjoyment and fun!

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