Q&A with singer-songwriter Annette Campagne

Q: Where Peace resides…a brilliantly captured musical masterpiece. Explain your process of writing and how you have changed over time to create such divinely inspired words.

A: I love this song! It came through in record time, almost as though it was channelled. I wrote it in about 3 hours, lyrics and music. When a song comes together like this, I know from experience that it has a lot of staying power. More and more, and especially with many of the songs on ‘I AM’, I was able to connect to and create a space where all I had to do was ‘download’ the songs that seemed to already be right there… I remember reading about Michelangelo’s creative process. He said ‘I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free’. Sometimes it’s the same for me with song writing. I hear the song in the ethers and I sit in front of the blank page until it comes to life as I hear it through the ears of soul.

Q: You, my friend, are breaking trail into a new musical genre of spiritual expansion, and for me it has been such an honour watching you move further into alignment with your soul. What has been some of the biggest challenges you faced during this transformation? 

A: The biggest challenge I’ve faced (and still do!) is to surrender to the process, to let go of the familiar that my rational mind clings to and to surrender to the unknown that my heart craves. My challenge is to push less, and to allow more, to quiet my mind so that I can hear the voice of my soul more clearly.  I’ve always been one to plan ahead… My mind has always been very active, very ‘bossy’! (Lol) It’s not always easy to break that pattern, but it feels so good when I do.

Q: I Am is quite the bold statement! Tell us what these words, Album, and song lyrics mean specifically to you and your journey.

A: ‘I AM’ means quite a bit for me, it’s the ultimate affirmation song. I really do believe that we are living in such amazing times where spiritual expansion is possible, both individually and collectively. This song speaks of my faith in us, in our human evolution, in our capacity to evolve and to attain a higher consciousness. The song also stems from a belief that history is no longer ‘repeating’, and it’s so exciting!  We are at the tipping point where more people believe in this than not. We are rewriting old stories, the ones that have been repeating for many lives.

It IS time to be bold, to rewrite our own individual and collective stories, the ones we have been reliving for centuries. We’ve been there, we’ve done that; it’s time to move into other aspects of ourselves, to redefine and experience ourselves differently and ultimately, to remember who we truly are.

Q: They say every song has a story.  What single from your new album has had the biggest impact on your own story?

A: Well, probably the song ‘I AM’ for the simple reason that it encompasses every level of that expansion that many people are going through at present. ‘I Am’ is like a spiritual coming out in a way, and hopefully it strikes a chord in people to empower them in their own journeys.

Q: Your songs are obviously inspirational to many. Tell us your aspirations, hopes, and purpose for those your songs reach?

A: My aspirations and my hopes for those who hear my music are that they be inspired and empowered. I don’t much see the purpose in bringing people down anymore, so I hope my music gives people a little boost and engages them to discover their own soul purpose, whatever that may be. I hope, ultimately, that it helps raise the vibration.

Q: Faith is clearly a part of your music. What does that look like in your own life and world?

A: When I was young, faith was very much attached to religion where I was taught to have faith in something outside of myself. Then I discovered that if I had faith in myself, I could have faith in everything and everyone around me. Someone very dear to me once told me that the only thing God cannot give us is ‘faith’. I always took this to heart and strived to cultivate faith from the inside out. For me, faith is something you nurture, it’s the cornerstone of my drive as an artist and a songwriter.

Just as courage is not the absence of fear, faith is not the absence of doubt. Faith grows in response to doubt. For me, doubt and faith are strangely intertwined, divinely intertwined, really! Every time I have a bout of doubt, it only serves to deepen my faith.


For more information about Annette and her music, please visit her website at www.annettecampagne.com