Q&A with Joseph Rain, Author of The Unfinished Book About Who We Are? Book One: First Steps to Self-Discovery

Why do you say that not even the great thinkers of our time have found a way to a greater understanding of life?

What I tend to point out regularly, is that we have many fantastic experts in all fields ofexpertise, but we lack individuals capable of embracing the “complexity” of accumulated wisdom. What we require are holistic, well-educated leaders who can combine the four pillars of our knowledge, ie. science, philosopy, religion, and spritituality into responsible and practical solutions that beneft humanity on all levels.

Based on your findings, do you consider yourself a philosopher?

I do consider myself a philosopher, as much as I consider myself a scientist and an investigator of the metaphysical, which includes our spiritual dimension and our need for believing in the supernatural.

Why do you think your life experiences give you a unique understanding of the mysteries of the universe?

Because of my excruciatingly painful childhood illness, and because of the many subsequent troublesome events in my life,I had to develop an open and sincere relationship with reality, with the way it is. Put simply, while other teenagers were out playing games, I was forced to work closely with my body, emotions, mind, and spirit. This gave me a profound insight into who we truly are and subsequently into the nature of the universe and how we co-create reality.

What do you believe is the key to an individual gaining greater awareness and happiness in their life?

If the world and the truth arise from within, then “knowing” the self, who we truly are, must be the most important and urgent task of every individual. I believe knowledge of the self is the fundamental key to our every need, goal and desire.

 What is the central focus of your book?

What we need is aware understanding, backed by responsible and efficient application.I call this process “Responsible Co-creation” and it represents a new stage in the evolution of human consciousness.

Responsible co-creation is the central thread of my research, and the aim isto make this knowledge accessible to every person and to provide the tools to realize everyone’s amazing inner potential. I don’t just “believe” this is the key, I have personally experienced and live this truth every day of my life.

Why do traumatic events in our lives sometimes lead to a better outlook and a deeper understanding of who we are?

When we are in pain we are forced to open, to search for new solutions, and this means growth! Put simply, pain has much greater potential (than pleasure) for achieving a deeper understanding of the world and of who we truly are. Pleasure, on the other hand, just makes us lazy, content and vain.

Can people create their own reality?

We are co-creating our reality all the time. This is the simple understanding behind all successful individuals.  This doesn’t mean the reality out there doesn’t exist. It just means we are all perceiving reality in our own individual way.

Is self-discovery and self-awareness always positive?

We are only as strong as our weakest link. Let me give my friend as an example. On his path of investigation, my friend gathered a wealth of information. But rather than find excitement in the infinite potential of the world, he found uncertainty and thus fear…Due to the ever-present uncertainty, which is a pre-requisite for change and necessary for the realization of the infinite potential, my friend found only fear, where I found only excitement and opportunity. In short, the “truth”didn’t excite him, it crippled him.

 What do you think of the old saying “Ignorance is bliss”?

It’s a fact that many people prefer not to understand or to know that which they fear or find uncomfortable. Many simply prefer to believe, and some even convince themselves, that faith is equal to knowing. I guess they find pleasure and, subsequently, freedom in not knowing. But ignorance can never lead to sustained pleasure or freedom, as fear arises from lack of knowledge, and sooner or later fear destroys temporary pleasures and, with it, our notion of freedom, peace, andcomfort.

Is intense self-awareness one of the keys to happiness?

 Absolutely. Awareness is the “building block” of everything we know and cherish…It is awareness of the self that separates us from the rest and gives us the perception of existence.

My favorite way toward happiness and a meaningful life is to exchange pleasure for meaning.  For example, to raise children involves pleasure and pain. But the “meaning” of bringing up a child will forever bring us pleasure.  In short, instead of looking for pleasure, we should “find pleasure in meaning” and happiness will naturally emerge.