Q&A with Mike Murphy, author of The Creation Frequency

1. What is “The Creation Frequency” about and why did you write it?

The book, The Creation Frequency, goes really deep into the ancient teachings of the Law of Attraction, comparing it with new scientific discoveries recently learned from quantum physics, this new understanding from the world of science is proving why the ancient teachings of the Law of Attraction really work!

Another important ingredient of the Creation Frequency concept is adding the power of sound to manifest our intentions. According to the Creation story found in the Bible, God, the Creator, used sound in bringing the physical world into existence.

And, another powerful teaching in this book is to move from your story in the head (ego), to the truth in your heart, and by making this small but difficult shift, we can then use our mind to manifest our desires as opposed to the mind with its myriad of crazy thoughts running our life, then, the real me, controls the mind from the power of our heart and soul, our true essence.

2. How have you used the tools in your life to see improvements and how have you seen others use it?

Well, I have been using this technique since 1982, I have created tens of millions of dollars in net worth, found and experienced deep meaningful love relationships, raised 4 beautiful children, been blessed with 5 amazing grandchildren, discovered how to find deep fulfillment by serving those less fortunate, lived a life with enormous freedom, freedom to work when I want, to travel the world, and have an incredible amount of fun while always learning and growing. Found the tools to eliminate dis-empowering behaviors and replace them with healthy habits that serve my higher self to assist me in becoming the best version of myself.

I have been teaching this to my employees for over 20 years, every single one that has followed the simple instructions has created a life much better than what they had before.

Since the publication of the online course and the book, which has only been 3 weeks, I have heard from dozens of people who have radically improved the quality of their life by following the simple instructions laid out in the book and the course.

3. What do you mean when you talk about getting our personal vibration in harmony with our desires?

First off, for most of us, the hardest thing is getting clear on what it is that we truly desire. I talk a lot about erasing the prior programming that others placed into us from birth until we wake up. I encourage people to move from their head to their hearts, and then ask the following questions, if money was no object and you could not fail what would you do with your life, what are your dreams, what is your passion, what is that makes it so you cant sleep at night and causes you to jump out of bed in the morning to do it. And these questions only cover 1 or 2 items out of 5 or 6 that we create powerful intentions around.

Next, I talk about writing powerful intentions for each area of our life, writing the intention as if it already exists, which it does in our imagination, which is where everything in the physical world is first birthed. Then we recorded them in our own voice, and the recording is embedded with high frequency theta brain wave music.

And it is important to get our physical body as healthy as possible, vibrating with strong powerful energy. At this point we start to become congruent mentally, emotionally and physically, and can now access the power of the creator of all, and co-create the best life for us!

For example, does that allow for negative emotions too?

We live in an electrical body, which resides in an electrical physical universe. Electricity is created using positive and negative energy, this is what creates the physical world, in my opinion. Thus negative thoughts, which arise from outside us, from the collective consciousness, or our prior programming, or belief system, will always be lurking out there. The power is in knowing what to do with them when they arise, perhaps there is something to be learned in these thoughts, if so, learn the lesson and let the thought go. Once the negative thought is gone, the negative emotion will go with it.

4. You talk about raising our personal vibration, how can we do that when we in the midst life-threatening conditions, such as soldiers who are in combat and constantly face the threat of death?

For me, when in these types of stressful situations, I am at my best, I am vibrating at a very high level, because I am fully present in the now moment, totally alert and aware, constantly looking for solutions to any negative situations. In these moments we are fully alive! I find that it is in the boredom, or activities that don’t serve our higher self, is when our consciousness, our essence can find trouble, and bring our vibration very low, into the lower chakras, as opposed to the higher ones. Too much in the physical world while ignoring the spiritual side of us always leads to problems in both worlds, the seen and the unseen worlds.

5. You talk about the sweet spot of ultimate synchronicity, can you give some examples from your own life or others life when you have seen that present?

It’s that feeling that the universe is working for you, not against you. It’s when acceptance is your mantra as opposed to resistance. The best parking place appears, the right friend calls at the right moment, the right teacher magically appears at just the right time. The right job, or employee shows up at just the right time. Life starts to flow just right, at the right pace, and love, joy and peace permeate most if not all of your day. Athletes know this feeling very well, in fact anyone who creates anything, has experienced this beautiful feeling of flowing with all that is, which can only be found in the NOW!