Creating a Deeper Connection

By Matt Kahn

Throughout all areas of my life, I am always in search of ways of deepening my connection with humanity, as a way of channeling the vibrations of Source energy into the hearts of all. Aside from infusing healing energy into each word of my book, Everything is Here to Help You, one of the more unique ways I do this is through my platforms of social media. I have regularly posted videos on YouTube as a way of bringing my transmission of healing energy to all corners of the globe. I also transmit this energy through my Facebook posts by liking all comments. Whether a comment is positive, negative, affirming, opposing, shaming, supportive, or dismissive, I send a blessing of healing for each and every person who comments on a thread. My liking the comment confirms that a blessing has been sent and on its way to you.

I do this because, in my reality, comments have nothing to do with the content suggested. It is merely a way in which the commenter asks for greater loving attention. From this standpoint, the one with whom the comment is about, good, bad, or otherwise, has been selected by the consciousness of the commenter to help uplift their journey on a vibrational level. This was a big realization I had when I initially woke up nearly 15 years ago. No one’s comments are typically truthful depictions of our character. They are ways in which their character requests the attention they need that they are either unable to provide themselves, or without the awareness of how to be the loving-attention they seek.

If the Universe has useful feedback for anyone’s reality, it comes directly from Source into our individual channels of awareness. If someone has something to say, it could only be an opportunity to participate in the evolution of their journey, which can only occur when we switch from defending ourselves to supporting the wellbeing of others.

Could you imagine how freeing it would feel to acknowledge any person’s comment, whether written or verbal, as a request of loving attention from their heart to yours? How would your life change for the better if other people’s opinions, projections, ideas, and perceptions were not actually about you, but a replay of how others have treated them, which has caused their heart to shut down? What if people aren’t trying to hold you down, but giving you a chance to experience the way they’ve felt held down by others? What if their comments are the voices of their past, giving you a chance to experience it as they heard and received it before, so to realize the unprocessed pain that prevents another from meeting you in presence, truth, and oneness?

When incubating in ego, everything said to you is assumed to be about you. When rooted in your soul’s perspective, everything spoken is evidence of how resolved or unresolved the one who speaks happens to be. This fundamental shift from ego to soul remains the theme of my new book, Everything is Here to Help You, as I guide readers on an exciting, wise, and loving journey into the heart of true emotional freedom.

As your first bold step into expanding your consciousness, opening your heart, and becoming more emotionally free, can you send blessings to those who need it most whenever comments come your way? Can you dare to not make the things people say to you about your character?

If the Universe intends to use others to offer you constructive feedback, the messages will be from a harmonious, non-threatening perspective, so to remind you, it is the Universe speaking through another versus the judgments arising from their ego. When the Universe has feedback for you to embrace, it will keep repeating on a loop until new insights are seen. Until that occurs in such over-exaggerated and obvious fashion, always trust in the Universe to offer you feedback directly, so the comments of others simply show you where greater blessings of loving grace can be sent next.

From this space, even the reactions or unconscious responses of others is only here to help you become the one you were born to be. This is how we step into the light of our highest potential. It begins  by creating a deeper connection with the innocence of all — no matter how anyone else seems, acts, or ever responds.