Why Listening to Loved Ones is so Important

Whether you subscribe to the ‘dog-eat-dog world’ philosophy or resent it, we happen to live in a society where the individual is expected to be a self-sufficient island, with mental stability and economic security the norm. This is unfortunate, as it hampers the essential communication with loved ones that can lead us to happiness and fulfillment in ways that ‘going it alone’s imply can’t achieve. This article outlines the main ways that loved ones’advice can provide benefits in your life that you may not feel you require.

Emotional Support

 The key element of human socialization is to provide something of a safety net for when things become a bit too much in life. It’s a position that nobody can claim to have avoided. In the tough times, when emotions are fully-charged and moods drop dramatically, it’s family and friends who are there with kind words and actions to help prop us back up, picking up the pieces with us so that we’re on the mend. It can be with a text or with a long conversation setting the world to rights, but loved ones’ words are pivotal in moments of despair.


 Your loved ones aren’t always there to be kind to you, though. They know you so well that they can see through your bad decisions. They’re there to call you out when you do stray from the path they see is best for you, offering advice that you may initially see as cruel but, over time, will come to recognize as incredibly insightful and motivated by love. Whether it’s pointing out a poor career move, a spate of negative social behaviors, or the toxic influence of a friend, your loved ones have your back when it comes to offering their perspective on where things might be going wrong.


 The most acute incarnations of the ‘cruel to be kind’ communication you might receive from loved ones come in the form of intervention. It might be sitting you down at home, or through a series of conversations, but your family and friends may one day exhibit their concern about your behavior to such an extent that their joint perspective boils down to an abrupt and much-needed warning. It could be that they recommend you go to rehabilitation center Rancho Cucamonga to get clean, or that they tell you that your behavior is getting too out of hand to bear. Again, it’s motivated by love.

Hearing Their Problems

Listening to the advice of loved ones is incredibly important, but when it comes to listening to what they say, you’ll be able to play your part in their own wellbeing by deeply considering the implications of what they say. Maybe they’ve hinted at a traumatic experience or a period of depression without you recognizing it. Always pay careful attention to their words that you may come to offer your care and support during their own tumultuous lives.

Those closest to you offer the best advice and talk to you most frankly about their lives, so listening to what they have to say to you remains one of the most important attitudes to maintain in life.