7 Gift Ideas For Your Spiritual Friend

Do you have a friend who is in pursuit of spiritual wholeness? While others may struggle with what type of gift to buy someone, you are in a unique position to get it totally right. Yes, for the spiritual people among us it’s possible to buy them a truly useful gift, that also shows just how thoughtful you are.

1. Healing Stones

Buying someone a crystal is truly a personal gift. There are plenty of books (and information online) about what certain stones mean. This is the perfect tool to help you choose the perfect crystal for your friend. Don’t just look for the right color or a good meaning. Pick up each stone you are considering and see what type of feeling it gives you. You’ll know which one is right as soon as you lay hands on it.

 2. Books

Before you can buy the right book for your spiritual friend, you need to ask yourself this. Is your friend a librarian personality? Or, are they a bookworm? What’s the difference? Bookworms consume books frequently, loving a good read. Whereas the librarian personality is someone who uses their books as a point of reference. That should help you narrow down the type of book you choose. However, books on yoga, herb gardening, Reiki, and even art are all great choices for spiritual friends.

 3. Natural Remedies

Spiritual people often turn to nature for its healing power, so finding interesting natural remedies for your friend is a good move. It’s incredibly important that you are careful here, though. If your friend is on prescription medications there are certain natural remedies that might cause an adverse effect. So, be sure you know exactly what you’re on the hunt for. If you really want to get your friend some natural remedies, but you’re not sure about whether they are on any medications then choose options that won’t interact with medication. Or, you can provide them with a gift card for the right store.

 4. Essential Oils

Where would we be without the calming scent of lavender? You can purchase essential oils on their own or instead opt for aromatherapy candles or bath salts. There are lots of options when it comes to essential oils. If you know your friend is a major aromatherapy fan you might want to get them an essential oils package along with a diffuser. There are electric diffusers available, which change colors, and can be set on a timer. Choose a selection of essential oils that you know will suit them, scent-wise and as per use, too. Lavender is known for its calming effects, while patchouli helps battle stress, and lemon balm oil can help stave off dementia! Remember, an essential oil is extracted from something that grows in nature, and nature serves us well. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try oils you wouldn’t normally choose.

 5. Buddha Board

Is your spiritual friend also getting in touch with their creative side? A Buddha board is an amazing gift option. It’s painting, but with water! It means it’s an easy gift, everything you need is in just one package and there’s no major mess to worry about. Your friend can sit down and let their creativity flow freely as they tackle their emotions. Light a candle, put on some relaxing music, and watch them do their thing.

 6. A Year of Wishes

This candle set includes twelve candles, with one to burn each month. When the candle eventually burns up a trinket is left behind to keep. Included in the set are a small glass tray to burn the candles on anda small tweezer set that allows the person to fish the trinket from the hot wax. It’s a really thoughtful gift for anyone who loves candles. Even when they’re all burned up, they will be left with a reminder of the beautiful gift you purchased as they have the keepsake of the trinkets. It’s thoughtful and sweet. Each candle is a different color and scent, so they could make the perfect accompaniment to a meditation or yoga session.

 7. Experiences

Nothing helps you get in touch with your spiritual side more than a complete day of rest and relaxation. Why not look for the perfect Red Balloon promo code that fits the bill? One of the best offers and exciting deals that may interest your spiritual friend is the soy candle making workshop available. What better way to let your friend know you understand their spiritual side than by providing them with a day they will truly enjoy.

Whichever type of gift you settle on for your spiritual friend, what they will see is that you put a lot of thought and care into choosing the perfect gift for them. There are many ways to serve and feed your spiritual side that may not be viewed as such. Spirituality is different for everyone and for some, it’s religion, but for others, it is all about truly getting in touch with their whole being. Remember this as you shop for the ultimate gift for a spiritual friend.


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