Rising Above the Fear of Money and Aligning with Your Soul

The following article is shared directly from Christina Martine’s new novel, Fifth Dimensional Healing: Remove Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Blockages and Reclaim Your Divine Sovereignty.

When you talk about your problems to a friend, notice that you use the word I. Question, “Who is I?” Who really is the Ithat you speak about? Most often we tend to identify with our thoughts about ourselves, but not our true selves. When we look at the world from the mind alone, thinking that we are that mind, we look at the world through limitation and lack. We identify with something that doesn’t even truly exist: our imagined sense of identity, a personality we’ve dreamed into existence. But not us, not the real us, the eternal us that knows no fear.

In order for this information to truly sink in, it must be witnessed through the simple act of observation in the present moment. What is going on within you? What is going on without? Can you observe both without thinking? If we think even for a moment that we are our bodies, brains or emotions, we are living a lie. You are free to indulge in any of your senses or lose yourself in your emotions to feel a sense of aliveness, but focusing solely on your thoughts, for example, is akin to painting a masterpiece with only one colour.

When we approach life from the lens of our true self, the lens of the soul, we can no longer be hurt. The only time you can truly be hurt is when you identify with your imaginary self, the ego. It’s only the ego that fears its own death, not you. You, in your true form, which is formless and timeless—the spaciousness within you that will never die—do not fear if the holographic projection in front of your eyes changes. In fact, it loves change and often invites it. Your soul decided to come to Earth for the excitement and learning that comes with change.

This part of you is already complete and always has been complete. When this knowledge is felt in its entirety, fear can exist within you as a safety mechanism, but it can no longer hurt you. You see that fear itself is also an illusion you’ve created for a sense-of-self and that when you face that fear, it no longer has any power over you. Fear only becomes detrimental when you run from it by remaining locked within the confines of the mind, by worrying about fear itself! Any tension can only exist when it’s fed with thought. When thoughts cease, so does the tension.

When you’re in the state of presence, fully aware that you are in fact a divine being that is already perfect, with no need to do or become anything, you’re set free. It becomes instantly clear that when others say, “I’m not good enough,” they’ve only forgotten who they truly are. Their divine selves would not say that, because it would be a lie. Only one identified with the mind can imagine that they are anything less than divine!

The question remains, why are we imagining ourselves to be so small, so limited and so worthless, when in fact we are divine aspects of God? A simple observation of the world we live in will point to the dysfunctional system we, as a collective, have dreamed into existence. The external world, a reflection of the world within, shows us that we have been giving our power away for thousands of years now. While we can blame the news, the government, the educational intuitions, etc., for our problems, to do so would only enforce the outdated victim consciousness we no longer need to subscribe to. It’s time now to rise up out of the brainwashing of the media and reclaim our power as divine beings incarnate in human form. It’s time to learn how to use that power to heal ourselves and create a better world. We all have the power to choose to let go of our past and start anew right now.

That choice is as simple as staying present and offering love to yourself and everyone you meet. No matter what arises, offer the same love, the highest love from Source consciousness. Doing this will heal this world and allow you to once again walk this Earth free from the bondage of the lower mind, enslaved to a physical world and to your physical form!

Ancient knowledge has been purposely hidden from us to keep us enslaved to our base instincts and emotions. Our education systems prepare us for life; they train us how to be subservient slaves to a system that only serves the government and the corporations that fund it. We have doctors for the body and psychiatrists for the brain but, at least in the Western world, we’ve ignored the soul. It’s this vital part of the human experience that we’ve lost our connection to that is causing so much suffering.

Our water has been poisoned with fluoride, and our food with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Why? So the people who claim to run this world can continue to profit off our ignorance so we remain enslaved to a system that only benefits them.

This is done mostly through the monetary system. If you didn’t have to pay for energy that could be free and food that could also be free, would you really have to spend eight hours a day slaving away at an unsatisfying job? I know I wouldn’t! It’s never been money itself that’s brought about beautiful technologies that have propelled us into the next evolutionary phase of existence. It’s always been humans coming together to create. This is where our power lies. We are creative beings who have the ability to tap into our limitless potential, to think, act and manifest from our highest divine authority to change this world. It’s our imagination, our innate magic that terrifies the ones who want to keep the world asleep. Have you ever wondered why media works so hard to make you afraid, to make you feel small and incomplete? The word government translates to mind control and that’s what been occurring for far too long on Earth. The distortion of our perception is mostly done through brainwashing and subliminal programming through the use of symbols in the media, along with the indoctrination that is our supposed education. The people in power know that if you choose to wake up to who you truly are, they will no longer be able to rule and oppress as they’ve been doing for thousands of years.

Think about it logically. If you were to fully realize your divine nature and limitless potential for creation, would you really feel the need to buy 20 pairs of shoes to feel more whole? Of course not! The entire money system will collapse when we all decide to step into our true power together.

It’s not that money is evil. It’s a neutral energy that people have been using to control others. Before we switch to a new system where money may or may not exist, we have to harmonize with it and not view it as evil. Seeing money as something evil will only give it more power to affect your life negatively. Currency is literally a current of energy that reflects the abundance you feel within, along with the service you offer the world. It’s a symbol we’re collectively choosing to give meaning to. We’ve used all sorts of symbols for money in the past, including sea shells and cacao beans!

Instead of wasting your energy being angry at money itself, which is neutral, take back your power by becoming present. Watch where you’re placing your attention. It’s true that where attention goes, energy flows. If you think of yourself like a mirror, receiving the same frequencies you choose to emit, why not choose to focus on the abundance all around you? No matter how hard your situation may be to endure, if you have access to clean water, healthy food and fresh air, you’re amazingly abundant compared to almost half the population of the world. Can you look around you right now and list 10 things that you’re grateful to have? It’s the vibration of gratitude that brings us everything we desire. The funny thing is that when we create this vibration, we see that we no longer need anything to feel safe or whole.

From a higher perspective, we realize that even the evil we feel we have to fight against is just a distortion of love that will inevitably return to the exact same Source we all will. The ascent of the soul is inevitable. Realizing this, it’s clear to see that we chose to have the evils of this world to fight against for fun. In reality, however, there never was, never will be and never is any evil. All is love. All is one.

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Christina Martine is a spiritual teacher who is not aligned with any particular religion. Her message is simple: You have the power to heal yourself, end suffering and awaken to your true potential. She runs the online community and social media site www.entersatoria.com, which is completely free of abuse and advertisements.