How to increase motivation when you are exhausted

Most people set a goal and initially become very excited and motivated to achieve it. However, sometimes that initial excitement or motivation can wane or diminish when we are stressed, exhausted, or have worked tirelessly to achieve our goal for years with seemingly little or no objective results to show for our efforts. If you are looking to increase motivation to achieve your goals or fulfill your destiny or life purpose, but are feeling exhausted, annoyed, or stressed, then these tips can help.

1. Reconnect with the initial vision or inspiration that excited you

That initial vision, passion or dream provided you with enough courage to take the initial steps in faith. Don’t let your exhaustion or stress get in the way of you taking the remaining necessary steps in faith in order to live your life purpose. Sometimes along the way we have to do things that are difficult, unwanted, or tough to live our life purpose. But, reconnecting with that initial feeling or vision can sustain us and increase motivation when we are feeling exhausted. What initially called out to you has not betrayed you or walked out on you. That initial inspiration is still present and capable of making you feel alive and motivated.

2. Ask yourself:

“What quality, characteristic, or skill do I need to develop to manage these current life circumstances?

Sometimes, we might not like our current life circumstances, but we know deep down that we can handle them. In fact, sometimes our current life circumstances our capable of helping us develop the very strengths, skills, qualities, personality traits, or characteristics we need to develop in order to be the person we need to be to prepare us for future successes and responsibilities that come with those successes.

3. Focus on what you are grateful

By focusing on what we are grateful for, it switches our attention in our mind. Instead of feeling sorry for ourself, pissed off at life, or down, gratitude allows us to focus on unexpected joys in life. This fills up our energy and increases our motivation.

4. Focus on what you are proud of

We may not have achieved our dreams yet or developed into the person we want to become, but chances are you have made giant strides over the course of your life. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the moment and our current life circumstances that we forget all that we have overcome in the long term since we started our journey. Also, some of our short term ‘mini’ successes say so much about our humanity and are worth being proud of. For example, did you listen to a friend or family member in the past week, smile at a stranger, get that errand done you have been meaning to get done, or have the courage to ask yourself what you really want out of life? Take time to be proud of those mini victories that are so easy to forget. Focusing on what you are proud of and past successes, even if you haven’t accomplished everything you wan to accomplish, can give you the motivation and momentum you need to take on your current challenges and continue to pursue your dreams.

5. Allow time for self-care

Find some activity that relaxes you, whether it is watching Netflix, meeting with a friend, or doing yoga and make it a priority. Every day, I know that I am going to do at least 30 minutes of yoga. Just knowing that I have this time for myself to relax helps motivate me to take on some of my more difficult tasks throughout the day. Another way to allow for self-care is to purchase spiritual or holy items that help you connect with your spirit. A great place to find spiritual and holy items to help you connect with your spirit is