The Science of Christianity

By Stanley Farb

It is advisable if Christianity would be based on understanding rather than on a belief system.

The idea of a personal God overseeing a material world and judging mankind on the bases of good and evil needs to be examined. A personal God made in the image and likeness of a mortal is a restricted sense and not in keeping with a more universal idea of a Supreme Being. An “infinite person” is not possible. However, an “Infinite Principle” in turn, can be understandable.

What we are experiencing is basically a Principle of our Mind, of our own Intelligence, of our consciousness. When we understand this Principle we obviously are comprehending or understanding our true self. The primal characteristic of this Principle is that it is limitless and eternal, without restrictions of any sort and consequently we are dealing with an “Infinite Principle” named, God, Spirit, Love, Truth, etc.

The education of the future as well as the present, demands an understanding that goes beyond the limitations and divisions of the material senses. Fundamental to this understanding is the recognition that our capacity to know and to think goes outside the belief that consciousness proceeds from a small material brain that is located within the confines of a material and destructible body.

Such restrictive thinking is now obsolete. An experience of limitless possibilities now awaits those who see and feel the vastness of the “Infinite Mind” with its universe of beauty, intelligence, completeness and unparalleled harmony.

In order to understand this, effortlessly replace one’s human limited sense of mind with the relaxed acknowledgement that infinite, inherent, divine Intelligence is one’s continuous experience. This is the subjective Principle. This Principle is the law of our own Being, our own “Infinite Mind”, our own consciousness. This is where we begin.

Words, no matter how enlightened, can only lead to a living experience where we are “living” our understanding of the Life that is unending. Living the harmonious and non-combative way of Life, as Life eternally is, is fundamental to the enjoyment of health, happiness and success. The infinite oneness of a divine Principle that is necessarily Love, removes the frustrations and divisiveness of the material senses and restores the primal order of peace and completeness.

An adventure of great depth, safety and security awaits the one willing to live the universality of one’s God-Being here and now. It is a happy state to be forever enjoyed and loved.

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