What To Do When You’re Feeling Lost    

Feeling lost is not a fun experience because it’s unsettling and provokes anxiety within. Don’t feel bad if this is what you’re going through because it happens to everyone at some point. What you want to do is focus on getting to the root cause of your angst and deal with your emotions.

Be glad to know there are ways to help you cope and get through these trying times. Start by taking a few deep breathes and knowing it’s all going to be okay. Feelings come and go, and the pain won’t last forever. Right now focus on you and what you can do to get to a better state.

Check in with yourself

It’s a good idea to get in the habit of checking in with yourself to avoid major blowups. After all, you know you best and are the number one person who is going to be able to lift you out of your bad or low mood. Journal, meditate and reflect quietly to try to get to the bottom of why you’re feeling out of sorts. You may find some unique emotions to explore that you didn’t know where even there. Get to know yourself better, and you’ll likely start to realize why you’re feeling so lost.

Face your Problems

No one wants to face their problems because it’s a scary process and easier to look the other way. However, now it might be the time to find a drug detox facility that will allow you to come to terms with what you’ve been going through. The reason you’re likely feeling lost could be from misuse of drugs and alcohol. You should, however, be hopeful that you’ll be free and in control once you get clean. Facing your problems is courageous, and you should be very proud of yourself for doing so.

Talk to Someone

A great idea is to open up and share your feelings when you’re out of sorts. Holding it all inside and letting your thoughts stir in your head over an extended period of time is harmful and should be avoided. Find a trusted friend, family member or professional therapist who can lend an ear and some advice if you’d like it. It’ll be good to gain a new perspective and hear opinions from others who are on the outside looking in. Notice how good you feel after a few rounds of lifting heavy thoughts and feelings off your chest.

Set Goals

You won’t feel as lost when you’re busy setting and meeting goals. When you’re unsure of what you’re aiming for is when you risk feeling the most uncertain. Write your objectives down and make notes about what you’re going to do differently to tackle your new aspirations. They don’t have to be complicated or difficult goals. If you’re feeling lost, you could simply make it a point to get to the gym each day and cook yourself a meal.


It’s normal to feel lost once in a while. Instead of panicking, you should plan on problem-solving and use these ideas as coping mechanisms as you work through your feelings. Be thankful to know there’s a light waiting for you on the other side of your worries.