Spiritual and Sexual Health: How Both Are Connected

Spiritual and sexual health are two things that people don’t always seem to associate with each other, but they can actually be connected with one another. It’s important after all to have a good understanding of how one’s personality works before engaging in an intimate act, and understanding how sex and spirituality are connected can be a good way to let one’s sexuality be a positive and contributing factor to one’s overall growth.

Learning About Sexuality and Spirituality

In order to learn about the connection between spiritual and sexual health, it’s important to learn about how spirituality and sexuality can be related to one another. It is only through learning about how these two interact can we learn how the two affect the dimension of health.

Both Aren’t Just As They Are

A lot of people think that people can easily resort to “purely sexual relationships” and get away with it. This is not always the case. Likewise, spirituality cannot simply be a matter of philosophy or psychology because what we associate with spiritually will eventually affect the way we function in daily life.

  • Perhaps the best way to get to learn about the two subject matters is to explore how they can affect your life individually. Your sexuality and your approach to sex and gender makes up a large part of your personality, especially when it comes to how you view yourself and people around you. It’s not easy to define and study one’s sexuality, as there’s an entire field of study dedicated on studying how sexuality affects our perception of society, culture, and media. Try to see sexuality as beyond the act of sex, and try to read up on the various facets and dimensions that can help you gain more understanding of your sexuality.
  • In the same vein, the best way to learn about spirituality is reading up on your beliefs as well. It’s essential you take time to clear things out when it comes to certain facets of your life. How do you approach subjects such as sex, marriage, life, and death in general? Your viewpoint on abstract things is usually also determined by how your spirituality works.
  • As you may have noticed, sexuality and spirituality dwell on similar aspects of our lives, but both explore them in ways that are not always equated with one another. A common cause of polarity between the two is that sexuality is commonly viewed as negative, and spiritual as something positive. We fail to realize that both have their own positive and negative elements, especially when looked from various perspectives.

This explains how a lot of people have a hard time having casual sexual relationships, because sex, as an intimate act, is in itself a form of spiritual process. You are sharing your body with someone else on an intimate level by literally “connecting” with each other.

Contribution To Growth

Both sexuality and spirituality are things that are considered extremely intimate for an individual. The former may involve physical actions and the latter may involve more emotional encounters, but the two are hardly separate because of how they influence our growth. As with what we’ve said earlier, given that one act has a “part” of the other, it can be said that both acts can influence the way we look at the world.

    • Perhaps the best way of understanding how these two affect our growth is to look at them as to how spiritual and sexual health affects us as individuals.

  • Sexual health for instance is not just limited to being safe and healthy when having sex. This isn’t just to avoid sexually-transmitted diseases, but to understand that sex is more than the just the act in itself. To explore one’s sexuality isn’t to have sex with a lot of people, but rather accept one’s personal preferences and how these can affect us and the people around us.
  • Spiritual health, in the meantime, can be best explored as the means through which we solidify our perceived place in the world by looking at ourselves from beyond our “material” plane. This means continuously assessing how we can contribute to providing harmony to the world by accepting that things happen for a reason, and how we should constantly find the right “flow” in life in order to live properly.

This also means that our growth as persons is not just confined by the way we look at our spirituality, but how we perceive our sexuality as well. Understanding this and trying to maintain a healthy balance between the two is perhaps an efficient way for us to constantly be able to find better methods of growing as a person and reflecting upon our daily lives. It can also increase personal pleasure and happiness. For more information see more.

 In today’s society where modern medicine has found ways to improve sexual health, it’s still important to understand the underlying factors surrounding the act of sex beyond its physical nature. Understanding that spiritual and sexual health can be connected in some instances may even contribute to making sex a more pleasurable and purposeful experience.


Candice Watts

Candice Watts, works as a volunteer for different health organizations in her area. She likes to bring the awareness of HIV and other STD related issues for people to learn when it comes to health. In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing and water sports.