How Innovative Gadgets Can Ease Your Anxiety and Fight Stress

How often do we find ourselves stressed and burdened with the weight of our normal home and work chores? Be it your suburban housewife or that regular office going bloke, all of us need to deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Most people think of unwinding by taking a long break while some resort to medication to ease stress. But, is there a third option present here? There certainly is.

Technological advancements are easing our lives today in many ways and new gadgets are coming up on the market every day that aim to relieve stress from our minds and body.  While we may not be able to control external stress-inducing factors, we can certainly manage how we react to them. Emerging trends in recent years now have the potential of changing the healthcare domain and many new companies are now developing tech that creatively provides solutions to deal with mental health issues like anxiety, stress. Below we look at some of the innovations that are transforming the health industry today:

  1. Spire:
    The launch of Fitbit brought forth a revolution which started a trend of sorts amongst companies to offer products that work in direct conjunction with the human body. Spire works on the same lines, Now, imagine having a wearable device that could detect a person’s mood without the need to do so via a manual entry on an app. Definitely sounds cool. After all, tracking a person’s steps and calories burned is one thing but predicting moods. That’s certainly a step forward towards the future.

Chronis stress is a deterrent for a person’s immune system which can have a direct impact on their mind and body. Coming to Spire, this device is a wearable tech that can detect breathing patterns, physiological signs and predict their exact emotions at the moment. Once this has been detected by the wearable, it then proceeds to send notifications to your phones with different ways and techniques to relax your body and improving your overall mood. The Spire wearable can be strapped to any part of your body and can effectively help decrease the body’s stress levels by a whopping 50%. Smart tech like Spire can help a person overcome stress and make them healthier in the long run.

  1. 6 Feature Fidget Cube:
    This might probably seem like a laughable idea but a new research has shown that doodling and fidgeting is actually a healthy response for some people that can help them focus on stress and anxiety issues. Even kids with ADHD and attention span issues can benefit from the use of fidget toys. In a study conducted by the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, it was found that ADHD and hyperactivity may help students and small kids deal with behavioural issues and the use of fidget cubes and spinners are instrumental in this regard. These are now widely in use across different schools and also amongst various professionals. Fidget cubes came into the limelight in the year 2016 and were made to be used as a clever desk toy. The designers of the 6 feature fidget cube created this in mind to remind everyone that playing with puzzles can actually be a good work ethic. Fidget cubes come with six different stress releasing features and sides that rubs, presses, rolls, switch, spins and controls. It also has a side that aims to control one’s breathing. The 6-feature fidget cube is durable, inexpensive and certainly attract less attention than other gadgets helping people focus better while they are in the midst of a task. This, in turn, helps reduce the risk of anxiety and stress while at work. Looking for more such tech gadgets to reduce stress and anxiety, then be sure to visit VoucherBin. The site is sure to provide you exclusive deals and discount codes on the latest stress reducing gadgets in the UK market.
  2. Fisher Wallace Stimulator:
    The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is a US-based FDA approved neurostimulator device that can help with stress, insomnia, anxiety and even depression. This headband-like device has been a subject of numerous tests that says the device could even help treat different forms of depression including bipolar depression. The gadget can be placed directly over your head which in turn helps release stress enzymes from the body including dopamine and serotonin, the main causes of stress and anxiety. The device cannot be easily procured as of now and needs a doctor’s consultation owing to its medical use. Still, the launch of a device of this caliber has now made it easier to not indulge in frequent doctor’s trip and directly engage in a neurostimulation therapy from the comfort of your home or office as you see fit. Some user experiences have even compared the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to be on the scale of antidepressant treatments.

There are numerous traditional and non-tech ways to calm yourself but sometimes, even the best of us need a little nudge in the back. As we move towards the future, the demand for innovative gadgets and products will only see a rise in demand amongst new age customers looking for quick and better fix to overcome stress and anxiety.


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