Benefits of yoga meditation for a healthy brain

Summary: Yoga and meditation when practiced together acts as a boon to body, mind, and soul. Brain also gets boosted and positively affected with these practices. This article enlists four benefits of yoga and meditation that will help boost brain power.

In the ancient times, when the art of yoga was expansive, it was a profound pathway for mind-spirit connection that acted as a direct ladder to the divine. Unlike the modern day barriers of religion and judgments, yoga was and still is a means to wisdom and not a way to fitness. Meditation under the umbrella of yoga can lead to effective and far reaching results. When both the yoga and meditation are practiced together, the practitioner can experience myriad benefits both physically and mentally.

Many of us are still fixated on the physical wellness but benefits of yoga meditation are not limited to the body but extend to the mind as well. Many practice yoga for brain health and peace too. Although these benefits are less apparent, they still exist and make the lives of practitioner easier and more stable. Take a look at a few benefits of yoga meditation mentioned below:

Reduced Stress

Yoga not only physically works the body, but also mentally reduces stress by encouraging the practitioners to exercise positive thinking. Letting go, acceptance, and allowance are few of the key teachings of yogic science. When we are able to let go off the extra baggage that is weighing us down and we start accepting the situation, we are encouraged to think from a centered mind and take decision with patience. One of the many benefits of yoga meditation that ensue is mental well being. This is also one of the reasons why many people practice yoga.

Enhanced Cognitive behavior

 We put ourselves through a zillion of thoughts and the constant flow of information from media, friends, family, and other sources clogs the brain. Most of the times the brain is working on an auto mode leading to brain fog, low attention span, or difficulty in focusing on the current situation or task in hand. With the help of Yoga for brain, be it for only 20 minutes, we can expect to overcome the barriers of over thinking or information overload. Since yoga also eliminates unnecessary thoughts, there is a sense of satisfaction and calm, which again leads to enhance cognitive behavior.

Reduced Anxiety and Depression

In Psychology today, the article ‘Take a Stand for Yoga Today’ states, “Yoga’s benefits extend to adult caregivers who experience lower life satisfaction, depression, and stress and high levels of biological markers for inflammation. One study found that practicing a 12-minute daily eight-week program of yoga exercise resulted in reducing markers of inflammation in adults taking care of loved ones stricken with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia”Yoga for brain reduces anxiety and depression by activating different parts of the brain.

Helpful to overcome past experiences and diseases

Many patients suffering from serious mental illness or posttraumatic disorders are told about benefit of yoga meditation. A regular practice has shown substantial relief in their conditions. Also, army professionals or military personnel are suggested yoga for brain because it is scientifically proven that it helps reduce symptoms of brain disorder and maintain better psychology health. Often these diseases create fogginess, lack of focus, self-doubt, when yoga and meditation is practiced regularly, there is increased blood flow to the brain and happy hormones are released thereby making the body lighter and happier.

Aforementioned benefits of yoga meditation explain how we can and should practice yoga for brain health. This profound practice will make the practitioner experience new dimension physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality.

Author Bio: Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveler in India. He provides yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas. His strong connection with Yoga and the Himalayas has made him organize yoga, meditation and Ayurveda tours, and retreats in the Himalayas. You can connect with him on his website