6 Ways To Stay Consistent With Your Practice Sessions

Many times it happens that you fail to focus on your work as soon as you enter your practice session. However, what you need to remember during those times is that you are not alone who is facing such problems, all the high-profile musicians go through similar situations once in a while in their lives, but they don’t allow such situations to prevent them from improvising their skills.

As an aspiring musician, it’s your responsibility to improvise your music skills on a daily basis. There is no denying the fact that learning is a never-ending process, so you should always try to find new ways of dealing with your frustration so that you can practice effectively when you enter your practice room.

It’s extremely crucial that you maintain a continuity when it comes to improving your music skills by practicing your instrument regularly.

If you are falling short of ideas, and you do not know what to do during your practice sessions, here are some tips that will keep you motivated and will improvise your music making skills.

1. Listen To A Song Carefully

If in case, you are lacking that much-needed motivation and don’t know what to do next, just relax and listen to a song that’s close to your heart. Listening to a song is one of the most important steps in understanding the technicalities involved in music making. So even if you are lacking inspiration, you can always keep yourself busy in listening to a beautiful song.
Cultivating the habit of learning by ear helps you tremendously, so you can easily take your music skills to a next level.

2. Imitate A Song

When you really don’t know what to do, you can simply sit in your practice room and start imitating a song. Once you begin humming the song, you automatically start judging your performance in a variety of ways, such as whether you are singing it in a right way or not, and where to pause and where to increase your voice etc. All these things collectively play a great role in enhancing your music skills. Once you realize where to stop and where to increase your pitch, you can easily implement this knowledge when it comes to playing your instrument.

3. Try To Play A Song That You Already Know

Sometimes it happens that you lack inspiration, during such times all you can do is grab your instrument and try to play music for a song that you truly enjoy. In this case, if you are stuck into something you can even play the original song in the background for which you are trying to produce the music. Make sure that, if you are unable to play your instrument in the same way as it is played in the original song, then try to listen to all the minute details first. It means you have to keep your instrument aside for a couple of minutes and pay attention to the original song so that you can understand its music and then play it in your instrument accordingly.

4. Work on Your Intervals

One of the most crucial ways of improving your music making skills is to work on your intervals. You should have a comprehensive knowledge of the intervals and must have the potential to recognize them while listening to a piece of music. Yes, until and unless you are capable of recognizing the intervals simply by listening to a composition, you should keep on practicing them. You must have the ability to recognize which is perfect 4th, minor 7th or major 3rd etc.

In short, should be able to identify the sound produced by these intervals. In this case, you need to take ear training for achieving your goal.

5. Try to Transcribe A Solo

In music education, transcribing is considered as one of the most important ways of improving your skills, and you should also focus on this. When it comes to making the process of transcribing easy, you need to choose a simple song. Always remember that setting realistic goals makes your learning extremely simple and improves your skills like anything.

6. Play Piano

If you have an acoustic or digital piano at home, make sure that you keep on practicing it on a regular basis, because it is one of the most important instruments which is extremely simple to learn. Music experts believe that if you know how to play piano, you can easily learn other instruments such a guitar.

7. Enroll Yourself In A Music Academy

If you are lacking inspiration, you can even enroll yourself into music lessons in a good music school like New York Jazz Academy, which offers different types of music courses.

Even if you do not have any intentions of becoming a great musician, you can still enroll yourself in music lessons, because it plays a great role in your overall development. If you have a mental problem, music remains a great weapon to deal with it. No matter how sick you are, if you listen to a good piece of music, it helps to relax you in a great way. Since music helps in soothing your soul, it’s better that you try to learn any form of music and practice it consistently at home.