Champions of Conscious Media

By Kate Neligan, Equine-Assisted Life Coach & Founder of Synergy TV.

Times are changing and this is evident everywhere we look. It may seem rocky or unsettling when things as we know them aren’t the same and we must adjust, but this serves to push us outside of our comfort zone and that’s where the magic happens.

Most of the major personal development speakers and authors talk about being willing to venture there. This is when we grow in consciousness. When we are forced to express from our authentic selves and live more love-based lives, we are required to act as creators and take personal responsibility, rather than rely on our default programming of victim-hood.

One such place where consciousness rises quickly is through the media. So many people are sick of violent, negative news and content that they are searching for another choice in film, television, blogs, apps, etc.

Unfortunately there are no recent studies on the conscious media marketplace and yet there is a need for this research. We do know that the U.S. self-improvement market is worth roughly $9.6 Billion (according to Marketdata research in 2015). Gaia’s whitepaper also found over 100 million Americans who consume conscious media. Time Magazine called the times we are in a “mindful revolution” with the growth of people in yoga and meditation practices because of the evidence around their benefits.

Anecdotally, I have seen a continual and significant growth in this space and all of the events I attend are increasing in size. My brother, who I never thought would touch meditation and yoga, told me just today that he does it consistently every week and uses mindfulness apps like Headspace and Gaia’s yoga studio from the ease of his mobile device and comfort of his home.

If you are a seeker and interested in personal development and expanding consciousness, you may be wondering where to attend the biggest and best events. Check out my favorites below.

Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA (occurs every February). Their primary intention is to bring together a conscious tribe in a three day celebration to participate in the creation of a new world. I’ve attended for the last seven years and this year was the most crowded. They offer a Conscious Life Film Festival in addition to a large line-up of speakers, panels, and exhibitors.

Conscious Media Festival in Austin, TX (March 3rd – 5th). The premiere destination event and inspirational launching pad for new creative content, media presentations and education. Over three days, 12 amazing speakers will connect with an audience of conscious creators and broadcasters to collaborate, learn, and party. I’ll be speaking on a panel entitled “The Era of Conscious Media; Repurposing the Purpose of Media.” For 10% off tickets you can use discount code “kateneligan” here.

Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona, AZ (May 31st – June 4th). Touted as the world’s premiere film festival for conscious cinema, their line-up of shorts, features, and interactive workshops is always inspirational and educational. This is their fourth year and they are designed to broaden the mind, body, spirit audience and provide a marketplace for conscious media.

In addition to these in-person events, there are some incredible online conscious media portals that recently launched and will continue to grow:

Bodhi Tree – The original was an unforgettable metaphysical bookstore and event space on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles and they recently re-birthed with a global reach online. They are positioned to be the leading independent metaphysical bookstore and mercantile. Book titles range from ancient and wise to modern and mystical and they offer unique artisanal goods, an online journal, and monthly events. Shop, read, and sign up for their mailing list to stay informed as they expand.

Thrive Global – Most Huffington Post readers know this is Arianna’s new venture and has a mission to elevate wellness in the world, especially the workplace. The current website has a journal, shop, apps, and some great personal growth activities and reading. Their categories are important to all and cover well-being, wisdom, wonder, giving, work smarter, and unplug & recharge. Browse their site for inspiration and sign up to get stories delivered to your inbox.

Conscious Capitalism – Their intention is to elevate humanity through business. They believe in four principles of conscious business: conscious culture, conscious purpose, conscious leadership, and stakeholder orientation. There are chapters forming all over the country and I’m proud to be a part of the Los Angeles one. Check their website to see if your city has a chapter (if not, you can start one) and participate in their events.

Of course my personal favorite is my own consciousness-raising platform called Synergy TV where we have curated over 500 uplifting videos that mirror the very best of humanity. We believe in inspiring awe through storytelling and showcasing the positive news from around the globe. Stay connected to our content through our e-newsletter.

Please also stay tuned for the Conscious Media Think Tank which will be held in Los Angeles towards the end of the year. As a board member, I’m excited to help gather a high-level group of executives to discuss the solutions needed to make conscious media more mainstream. You can sign-up to stay informed.