Signs You Might Just Be Psychic

Some people disregard ‘psychics’ and psychic powers altogether. They believe there’s no such thing. There’s no way we can know anything without evidence, nobody can see into the future, and anything they say is just pure guesswork. However, others believe this view is awfully closed minded. Some believe that we are all born with these powers to a degree, we just forget how to use them as we grow older. Just like any other skill, whether it’s singing or learning to speak a language, you must practice using any gifts you have to strengthen them and begin trusting them. Here are some signs you might just have psychic powers:

You’ve Just ‘Known’ Something Before

Have you ever found yourself shrieking, ‘I knew it!’ at something you’ve heard? Sometimes, this may simply be using common sense to predict the future. In other cases, it might be your extrasensory perception working. Many of us can get little flashes of ‘knowing’ that later turn out to be right. You might know who is at the door, the sex of a baby, or something less notable. For instance, you might think about sunflowers and then see somebody carrying a huge bunch minutes later.

You’ve Thought About Someone…And They’ve Called You

Have you thought about somebody you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while, only to have them get in touch with you a short while later? Maybe you’ve thought about somebody completely randomly and then spotted them as you go about your day. This is a little flash of intuition. It may not be a significant event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tune into it.

You’re Interested In Spirituality

Being interested in spirituality is a big sign that you have some kind of psychic power hidden away. There are a number of different psychic abilities, which you might just learn about as you explore the spiritual world. There’s the ability to hear things, the ability to see things, the ability to feel things, and many more. There is no one kind of ‘psychic’ out there! By learning about the difference types, you’re more likely to realize what your own extrasensory perception powers are. Spirituality is very positive too, so you’ll likely live a much happier life when you learn about the different principles.

You ‘Feel’ The Emotions Of Others

This isn’t always just being an empathetic person. Sometimes, this is being a fully blown empath. This is basically feeling the emotions of others, whether negative or positive. If you meet your friend for coffee after they’ve had a hard day, you’ll likely feel it too. Chances are, because of this, you’ll have a desire only to spend your time with positive, happy people.


You See/Hear Things Others Don’t

Sometimes, you might see or hear things others don’t. This doesn’t necessarily mean seeing spirits. It can mean hearing beautiful music in the far off distance, or somebody calling your name. It can also mean seeing orbs and auras.  

People Tend To Want To Come To You For Advice

Do you find that people always seem to gravitate towards you for advice? This could be a great sign that you have healing abilities. Maybe you’ve always had a sense of what to say to people, and how to give advice even from a young age. This can be a great sign that you were put here to help heal the world with your gifts!

You Get Tingles

If you ever get tingles for no reason, it could be for a number of things. You could have spirit around you, or it could be a sign of a chakra opening up. Ensuring the chakras are all clear and flowing nicely is crucial to spiritual health. You can do this by meditating on them, wearing certain colors, and eating certain foods.

You’re Drawn To Nature, Crystals, And Similar Things

Have you always been drawn to nature, crystals, and similar things? Do you love animals and plants? A strong connection to nature is a huge sign that you have a gift. Spending more time in nature can help you to develop your abilities. Some people believe that even plants have a message to share with us if we listen hard enough. Trees can soak up negative energy, and spending time near water can be a meditative experience. If you’re ever feeling out of touch with reality, spending time on the grass barefoot can help.

They say we all have psychic powers to some degree. Start strengthening yours today for a happier, more connected life!