Interview with Kate Neligan on her work as an equine-assisted coach

I recently interviewed Kate Neligan on her work as an equine-assisted coach. Kate shared with me how she has worked as an equine-assisted coach to help anyone ranging from corporate groups looking to enhance their leadership skills to veterans suffering from PTSD. In this fascinating interview, Kate talks about how her work helps people step into their true power, experience their most authentic self, work through difficult emotions, and improve their leadership skills. She also shares some interesting and insightful anecdotes of her client’s reactions to working with a horse in a therapeutic setting. Her work as an equine-assisted coach has also inspired her to work with a film called Changing Horses the Film. You can watch the interview by pressing play button.

Kate Neligan is the founder of Synergy TV. Synergy TV is a conscious media studio with the intention to be the leading source of mindful movies and transformational television that uplift humanity. Previously, Kate ran Lionsgate’s On Demand & Digital Marketing department as Vice President. She brought 10 years of experience to the promotion of the Digital Sales & Distribution group’s large slate of new release and catalog movies and television shows.Kate Neligan is both a graduate of Lafayette College in Pennsylvania and the University of Santa Monica where she earned her Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology.

You can connect with Kate at her website at and on Facebook at